First-Time Futsal

When someone (I don’t remember who) suggested we play futsal on Friday (me, Bellyn and Taliza invited as well because usually it was just the guys who played), I was pretty reluctant because a) I don’t go well with sports and b) I didn’t want to make a fool of myself and cause my team (whichever team it was) to lose. But in the end I gave in to peer pressure and went to college dressed in sports attire.

Before futsal at 3PM, most of us went to have lunch at SS15 at this place which serves apparently “the best nasi lemak in the world” and to be fair, it was my first proper meal in weeks so I actually didn’t doubt the marketing slogan. It was pretty good.

And then futsal started and needless to say, I sucked pretty royally at it in terms of stamina (couldn’t run across the field without feeling exhausted), hand-eye coordination (the amount of times my foot has missed contact with the ball would make you howl with laughter; or cry a river if you were on my team) and general nervousness (didn’t dare go after anyone with the ball so what’s the point of me playing, really?) But I had fun and everyone was such great teammates and played really well and I think that was enough to make me like sports again. (For those not in the know: I used to be an athlete in primary school WHAT A SHOCKER I KNOW AHAHHAHAHA)

Of course, sudden exertion after lacking some in ages means that I woke up this morning with very sore limbs and the reluctance to do anything else. And thus, this Saturday, just like most Saturdays previously, was spent not doing anything remarkably productive.

PS. Thus far, I have been described as a Malaysian version of Zoella and Lydia Martin, and really, those are great confidence boosters to encourage me to live up to these flattering comparisons. I’m not there yet, but I’m still trying to believe in myself (truly, in all the cheesiness of that phrase).

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