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It’s my birthday today! Hence the pink bow on my head. I’m also trying to accustom myself to the look of having short hair?

It’s my first birthday away from home but it didn’t feel like I was away from home much. Not when you are showered with love and gratitude from the people you love and are grateful for. And this is precisely what this post is about. Thanking everyone in my life because where would I be without all of you? I appreciate every single thing everyone has done for me, in return, I will strive to be the best version of me for all of you, and also myself.

There are a lot of emotions I can’t put into words, so TL;DR, I love all of you. And I know love is subjective and fickle and frequently thrown around like a used toilet paper (to use Effie’s metaphor) but I truly am thankful for every single person that has crossed paths in my life. That also means you, reading this. Know that I thank the higher powers above for putting you into my life (although the feeling might not be mutual), for shaping me to be who I am today, and for helping me get this far in life.

Thank you.

(Also, please wish my mum happy birthday too because it is rightfully her BIRTHday and also she rocks)

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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