Red, Orange, Yellow Flicker

Carbon Milk: After Chem P5 and Econs P4, considerable amount of weight was lifted off my shoulders and my housemates and I went to Publika. We had milk and fancy toasts and bought a quarter watermelon from Ben’s Independent Grocer which leaked juice all over CPY on the ride back in the taxi. The night ended at 4:20AM for me (I remember this clearly) but the others continued to stay up till 6AM because why not right

Feci3: Miss MC posted on Facebook asking for volunteers to help out at the SIS Science Fair at the Chemistry lab on Thursday. The usual suspects were there. There were four waves of middle schoolers, each wave lasting 40 minutes (think Plants Vs Zombies) and during each wave our job was to help out these 13/14-year-old boys and girls carry out a flame test and a pH test, and also to make sure they don’t, well, hurt themselves or accidentally drink CuSO4. It was fun. But also tiring. Very, very tiring. I’m terrified of kids.

Abandoned Popcorn: After that, Usual Suspects and I went to watch Mockingjay Part I, continuing the tradition of watching Catching Fire last year. All my Hunger Games movie experiences so far have been with favourite people; please don’t let next year be a combo breaker.

My five-word review of this movie: Natalie Dormer Natalie Dormer Natalie

But honestly, Mockingjay Part I was so draggy and dry and as :/ as the book itself but it stayed true to the tradition of Part I movies being boring and uneventful so I guess we can look forward to Mockingjay Part II with good reason.

Yearbook Three: Harris, Bellyn and I went to Kinokuniya and I spent a great amount of time hiding behind bookshelves at the art books section flipping through (read: absorbing) the brilliance that is Rookie Yearbook Three before I gave in and bought it. It’s my most prized possession currently.

Not A Band: On Saturday, Bellyn, Taliza and I did a photoshoot for A Band (@bukanaband) at Empire Damansara and it was quite fun I guess. It was certainly a brand new experience.

Horse: On Sunday, I met up with InTeRnEt FrIeNdZ Elya, Effie and Sya (for the first time!) at Sunway Pyramid and we talked about TV shows, horses and ate ice cream. Elya gave me a bag of Lush stuff and my room now smells like Everything Right In This World

Last week of college!!!

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