week in melb (in disposables)

two months ago, i went to Melbourne for a week to travel and visit my friends. Taliza bought a disposable camera to document the trip. (click for more of her photography works)

Mornington was a little more than an hour drive from Melbourne city. it was the morning right after i landed, and halfway through the drive in Austin’s car, we stopped at a McDonald’s (alternatively, Maccas) for breakfast.

Cape Schank and Flinder’s Blowhole (who is Flinder? what’s a blowhole? questions that remain unanswered to this day) were very windy which means there was a lot of hair in my mouth that day. but it was beautiful, and it was such a stark contrast to the past few months of incessantly mind-numbing book flipping that the scenes before my eyes took on an almost surreal appearance.

the same day, we had fish and chips lunch somewhere near the sea – but we weren’t the only ones hungry for food. with our fish and chips boxes in hand as we sat at a bench by the road, we were under constant vigilant (and annoying) surveillance by a humongous flock of seaside aves.

after that, Taliza, Austin and i wandered around the quaint streets and stumbled upon this old, vintage cinema-cum-dvd rental store. it almost felt like a scene straight out of a 90s’ coming-of-age film. or Stranger Things.

forgive me for positing this – but Melbourne is a strange amalgamation of a very hipster Western town and a heavily Asian-influenced immigrant district. which is not a bad thing at all, and which also means that there’s a “best of both worlds” situation going on.

we went to South Yarra for brunch on Taliza’s off-day and the brunch cafés and vintage thrift shops that lined both sides of the streets were heavily reminiscent of Manchester’s own Northern Quarter.

on one of my last nights in Melbourne, we were drinking and playing games at Unit 522 when Ken Fui said, “you think i don’t know you well? i’ve known you for more than six years already!” and it truly struck me that i’ve known this group of people for as long as i had had my secondary level education. for a quarter of all 24 years of my life. and there’s a special feeling of kinship when it comes to long friendships like this, which i will treasure for the eternity of always.

i’ll spin for you/like your favorite records used to

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♫ Favorite Record – Fall Out Boy

This morning, Rumin, Ah Low and I met up with CPY at Lor San for the last time before she flies off to Australia tomorrow morning.

CPY being the first of us to already head off overseas to study reminds me how time is actually passing when sometimes it feels like time is stagnant and at times, suffocating. So when CPY told us she was leaving that very same week, I was both shocked and excited for her at how quickly her university life was commencing. It was real!!! I mean, it wasn’t real for me yet, but I got the first derived taste of it by having a farewell gathering for CPY.

Narcissistic interjection to talk about myself: short FAQ about my university applications for people who care!!! I’m mostly likely going to University of Manchester as a law undergraduate yay wahoo etc

Have fun down under, CPY! I’ll miss you and I look forward to your adventures in Oz (keep us updated pls). Take care and see you soon on your summer break 🙂