Crisis Week Day 1: Trip to Hatyai, Thailand

What is Crisis Week?

I realised I’ve never blogged about a single trip to Hatyai despite the multitude of times I’ve been there so this is going to be an ironic first.

We set off at 9.30 AM and reached Hatyai about an hour and a half later, when we headed to Boat Bakery for breakfast.

It was a bakery-cum-restaurant which we frequented to have breakfast everytime we went to Hatyai and this time it was no exception. The food isn’t too grand but their fried bread dish is a constant favourite. Their bakery’s very nicely decorated, but they don’t really sell much in the bakery since most of their bread and pastries are homemade.

Next we went to Robinson mall where we shopped for clothes and I got myself a very lovely round-collared polka dot dress which I (possibly) want to wear forever.

My #ootd as many Instagrammers would say

Fun fact: at one point, the supermarket radio started playing One Thing. Haha. Why. Go away. Leave me alone.

And then we went to the market where we shopped again (is there really anything else to do in Hatyai?) where I also found a Ramones shirt which I didn’t buy because it was white and not this.

Thai lady selling coconut drinks at the market.
Busy streets outside the market.
Busy streets outside the market.

After that, we went to Big C supermarket where we shopped some more, this time for toiletries and food items but in my case, also clothes. And a pair of shoes. By the time we were done, it was already evening so we decided to have dinner at Sizzler’s at Lee Gardens.

Stuff from the Salad Bar.

The food was great, more than satisfactory, but there was a constant nagging anxiety at the back of my mind that this was the site of a bombing incident a few months ago so that wasn’t very nice. Thankfully, the plates of wondrous food in front of me managed to keep those thoughts at the back of my mind and my digested food in my stomach.

And then it got dark and we went home. The end.

I know what you’re thinking, that this is such a boring post but that’s actually what it is though, a boring trip. Well, it wasn’t entirely boring for me because I got new clothes for myself and you who are currently reading this didn’t so I suppose it is mighty boring for you. Travel posts would be more interesting if there was sightseeing but no one goes to Hatyai to sightsee so I’m going to grace the last bit of this post with a collage of my loot today: