A Road Down Humiliation Lane

This morning, I did the mistake of randomly clicking a past blogpost dated in 2009 titled ‘100 Truths’. The chaos that ensued was terrifying, but fortunately only witnessed by myself and no one else when I screamed and sobbed to no end alone in my room. 14-year-old Michelle was…ghastly. Take a look at it yourself. Back during the days when every sentence ended with a ‘=)’ or ‘xD’ or ‘=.=’ and words were spelled like ‘thx’ or ‘4’ or ‘teh’ or ‘sux’. If you follow me on Twitter, you would know the huge fit I had over that particular blogpost. And that’s not to mention the hundreds other posts I made during that time. (Okay, maybe not hundreds but these cases deserve their hyperboles.)

I cannot remember being like that, being fourteen. I cannot see myself writing things like that on the cyber web merely two years ago. That person is the perfect example of people I facepalm over. That. Cannot. Be. Me.

Remember one of my Open Topic posts where I wrote how I wished to turn back time and return to the past? I take that back.

On another note, a thankfully less humiliating one, my assignment got published in the latest issue of Stuff@School! I didn’t really expect it to be published because I wrote it during the eleventh hour in a rush, but the world is unpredictable, huh? This is also a true story, by the way. Perhaps not fully accurate, but a bird really did poop on Shun Jun’s shirt in class, and that memory popped up immediately after I got the prompt for my assignment which was ‘Funniest Misadventure In Class’. People who got mentioned in this article: Shun Jun, Chun Tat and Chia Shin. I couldn’t mention everyone, as much as I want to (because seeing your name in print is genuinely, really exciting) because then it would seem redundant, but consider this a tribute to my classmates of 6M of year 2007. Thank you people for giving me wonderful memories alike this to cherish forever.