Dear You,

I won’t address anyone directly and whether the person concerned reads this or not doesn’t really matter. I just wanted to let off some steam.

So, in addition to the Hayley Williams scandal circling around Twitter and Tumblr today -which totally made me lose a few strands of hairs in frustration and wrath- I read someone’s post on her blog and I thought what had happened to her was unfair.

First of all, you don’t have the right to threaten her like that, even though there is some age difference between both of you. Ever heard of, what’sitcalled, HUMAN RIGHTS? Know what’s that? It’s every human’s fricking right to do what they like, and not bow down to other people’s needs just because they were coerced to. You certainly didn’t have the right to make her satisfy your needs. You’re not God, or anything mighty like Him, so you can STFU.

Secondly, people have the right to express their own opinions, whether you like it or not. Just because someone says something trivial about you, it doesn’t mean you have to go through the whole fricking process of getting her to come clean. Seriously, it wasn’t even a death threat, and she admitted it was nothing. Have you ever let slip something that you regretted before? Well duh, of course everyone has, but you’re not dead for that, right? So why bring hell into people’s life? Does it make you feel all high and mighty and godlike when you treat people that way? Because it’s plain bullshit.

Thirdly, oh my God, challenging people? That is seriously the most retarded thing I have heard of the century. Well, she did it anyway so I guess you can kiss your asses happily, huh?

Talk about stupidity and childishness. I couldn’t care less if the same thing happens to me. Go pick on a flea or something.


I stand here alone now, in the cyberworld, isolated in this barren land where everyone is studying and I’m wasting my life away on the Internet. Damn you Hermes who invented the Internet. So I suppose I’m not going to please my parents and friends and teachers and myself when my results come out.