I fell down the hole.

How do I even begin to describe what is going on within me? All I know is that I’m a giant ball of mess that can’t seem to correct itself. To be honest, I’m deflated right now. All those passion -even if it was full of hatred- was let out in my Tumblr. To be honest, the main reason I don’t post here as often anymore is because I have absolutely nothing to write here. To me, WordPress is my squeaky clean blog, the one exposed to everyone, to those who would judge me on the innocent, clean posts I write here. And that’s the truth. This is Dr Jekyll, Tumbr’s Hyde. I don’t speak my mind here anymore, mostly because if I do, I’ll probably be long dead.

I’ve been walking a long and winding road, and I just don’t know where to go. No one’s telling me anything, giving me directions. I’m too tired to keep up this squeaky clean image of mine. This ‘Michelle’s such a perfect person’ image. I’m through accepting limits, and I’m just gonna be me.