Note #3

This is a very tiny note to inform my blog audience that in nine hours, I will be off to Phuket, Thailand for, well, a vacation until Sunday. To be honest, I don’t even know what’s in Phuket. I just Google image searched ‘what to do in Phuket’ and images of beaches, elephants and massages popped up and I’m not sure if I’m one to enjoy beaches, elephants and massages. But then again, it’s probably as good a vacation as I can get, since I’m pretty sure this will be my last outward-bound (figuratively speaking) vacation with my parents before I get shipped off somewhere after I graduate.

Anyway, I digress. Besides informing you about my vacation, this is also a post to say that I will try my best to liveblog my days spent in Phuket, but it’ll have to depend on the availability of wifi service at wherever I am staying as well. If I am lucky enough and there is free wifi service available at all times then I will grace the Internet with constant updates, but if there isn’t, then just forget about my existence for the four days I am away since there is absolutely no way to reach me.

I am, of course, saying all these with the assumption that people care.

Now, if anyone has any suggestions as to how I can spend my 7+-hour bus journey in the least boring way possible, then that would be fantastic…

Note #1

This is a tiny post to remind you people of a certain form I’ve posted previously. (A few changes have been made to the form for those of you who do not wish to make yourself known so yeah, now you’re allowed to submit the form anonymously.) I feel very unloved that only three lonely messages are sitting in my feedback inbox. Nah, just kidding. But seriously though. I’d love to hear from my blog audience. So yes I’m definitely going to get hate for this narcissistic behaviour, but I’d risk the hate mail to get this through to you one more time.

Second thing I’m going to point out in this post, is that I’ve finally got a new story up at my writing blog, amichelledproduction after having abandoned it for a year or so, and here is the link to the story. It’s not stellar or anything, but it’d be great if you could check it out. At least click the link so I’m consoled by the rise in the number of views…okay, the vanity stops here. I’m definitely going to get more hate for my doubled narcissism. Well, bring it on!