Know what an RPG is? Well, okay, it’s a shoe brand, but it also stands for Role-Playing Game, which, many computer jocks should know. And HEX stands for Hogwarts Extreme. And so HEXRPG is a Harry Potter Role Playing Game. As for those who doesn’t know what an RPG means, it means that you make yourself a character and just, well, role play! God, its hard to explain, let me give you an example.


My post:

Mayna Inez isn’t a normal girl. In fact, she’s far from normal. She is a witch, but she can do loads of things that normal warlocks wouldn’t dream of doing. Of course, there are the awesome things she can do, like predict the future, read people’s minds, move things using her mind and others. But then there are also the dreadful things she can do: When she touches other people, they’re hearth stops, immediately.

Her parents did everything they could to hide this shame of a daughter. They even tried to kill her by ‘accident’, but Mayna did not reject their various actions because she abases herself. Without the encouragement and help of her best friend, Sophie, she would’ve been nothing. Sadly, however, Sophie died just the day before she began her first year at Hogwarts.

At the platform, Mayna made sure that not one person was near enough to see her face. She hid her face beneath her dark, black hair as she boarded the train. The throbbing heartache since yesterday at Sophie’s funeral never left her broken heart. She decided to sit alone in an empty compartment and end her life by herself.

Second post (by anybody):

Jack Lawrence rushed through the hallway of teh train since he was late and he knew that there weren’t going to be any free compartments. He started looking inside them, but they weren’t empty. Finally he reached the last compartment. It seemed that it was free.

His ice blue eyes scanned the compartment, finding out that there was someone more inside. He made a face, feeling awkward, since he didn’t want to disturb. He cleared his throat. “Um, hello. Do you mind if I sit here?” he asked, as politely as he could.

Third post (me):

Mayna jumped at the sudden voice that appeared out of nowhere. She turned to find a boy standing by her compartment door.

“Yeah, sure,” she said, but in her mind she was greatly disappointed at the interruption of her privacy, and her plan.

And so on and so forth. Its kinda fun actually, because you get to involve yourself in a story, especially at Hogwarts.

Apart from role playing, you can do your homework, which can help you go up a grade and earn your house some points. There is a Student Hangout and a Common Room and everyone can just chat and tell jokes or just do anything. There is also The Whisperer, The Quibbler and other kinds of magazines to read. You can enter contests and win prizes. You can even open your own store there and create your own business. As a conclusion, there is nothing (well, except cursing and saying profanity things) you can’t do. What’s more, you can even improve your writing skills. It’s like killing a million birds with one stone. No joke.

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