One of the Cullens

From now on, you will address me as Michelle Cullen.

Cuz I’m now, a vampire.

But don’t worry, I’m a vegetarian vampire, that’s what Edaward told me anyway. We don’t hunt humans for their blood, instead, we drink animal bloods only, and my favourite animal happened to be a polar bear, which I get as a present from Tanya at Alaska whenever I visit them.

Let me just introduce my family:


The one on the furthest left is Emmett Cullen, my elder brother. He was found attacked by a bear and almost dead if it wasn’t because of Rosalie, who rescued him and brought him to Carlisle, who turned him into …well, a vampire.

The one next to him is Rosalie Hale, his girlfriend, even though they have married each other for, I dunno, the millionth time? She was rescued by Carlisle when her former husband left her by the road, almost dead.

Next is Esme Cullen, my mum. She’s a great person. Awesome, in fact. She was saved by Carlisle when jumping off a cliff.

And the blonde guy from the furthest right is Jasper Hale, who was turned into a vampire to fight against other vampires. He can make you feel all warm and fuzzy in his presence. He…um, forbids me to say the rest. In fact, he’s right beside me now. OK! I’m done writing about you now, Jasper!

(He hates me talking about his past. Ow, Jasper! You didn’t need to pinch me! )

The one next to him is Alice Cullen, Jasper’s girlfriend. She can see the future, but not quite accurately. It all depends on who she is watching out for.

The next one is Carlisle Cullen, my dad. He’s the hero, and without him, I wouldn’t even be here, writing this. Back during the 17th century, he was bitten by a vampire and thus turned into one. But he was the one who started the whole vegetarian thing.

And the one in the front, needless to say, you MUST know who he is. The famous Edward Cullen who fell in love with a human, Bella Swan. He can read people’s thoughts, which is the most irritating thing on this planet.

Me? I was found by the Cullens in a hospital in Forks, where Carlisle found me and turned me into a ..well, you know what. I have my own abilities, which makes my family nuts, most of the time. You can never lie to me. People tell me the truth all the time because they simply can’t lie to me. Haha. That’s my special power.

Night for now. I know I don’t sleep, but there’s this really great tv program coming up. Bye!

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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