First day dilemma

Haven’t written in a while, cuz things have been REALLY busy for me since my school reopened.


  1. None of my friends are in the same class as me.
  2. I’m appointed stupid, crazy, demented MONITOR.
  3. I’m kinda invisible in my class.
  4. I’m sitting next to….MK?? (!!!!!)
  5. My school principal just went over the top:
  • First, she forces us to wear black shoes.
  • Second, she extended our school time till 2.40 p.m.
  • Third, she cut short our recess time till 10.40 a.m.
  • Fourth, by MY PMR year, she wants out straight As percentage to be 85%.
  • Fifth, she forces us to button our shirt collars till the very top. (Not that I’ll be following that stupid rule.)
  • Sixth, she is such a PRIMADONNA.

6. I am totally addicted to Twilight.

7. I miss the holidays so much.

8. I might never see my BFF THAT frequently again cuz we’re in different tuitions this year. ='(

9. I still miss camp terribly.

10. I wanna faint at the sight of books. (Academic books, that is.)

11. Why can’t I be a vampire like Edward? I mean, a real one.

*Sigh* I may be too stuck in my own fantasy world to realize that the reality is trying to incapacitate me and eventually make me mad to death.

Published by

Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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