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But unfortunately, it was KRIS who won the American Idol. So, it seems that I’ve made it really obvious whose side I’m on. *shifty-eyeing Adam Lambert*

Thing is, I don’t really get why Kris could win the title, I mean, based on his singing ability, and not his good looks and fan base. To be truthful, I could almost swear that Adam’s fan base is expanding exponentially and he’s not exactly bad-looking either, minus the eyeliner, of course. But there were rumours about him actually being homosexual so maybe people think that gay people can’t be the American Idol. But really, let’s face it, Adam’s a better singer than Kris. Even Allison’s better than him. But I can’t really say the same about Danny. Listen to his ‘Dream On’. *shudders*

Sometimes, I don’t really know what Kris is singing. Like, seriously. I mean, he is ‘Humble Kris’ after all, like how Ryan put it, but when I knew he was still in Top 4, I was like, “What’s he still doing here?” @_@ Among the three others, he looked quite vulnerable, and maybe that’s why he, the “underdog rose up to claim his prize.”

Then, there was this “I support Adam Lambert” statement by Katy Perry, and the amazing finale featuring Adam singing with Queen and KISS. That. Completely. Rocked. I think everyone’s expecting Adam to win and all, but then Ryan suddenly announced Kris as the champion and everyone was like, “Er…WHAT???” Even Simon looked astounded. But I guess the best singer normally doesn’t get away with the title. Look at the two Davids. Everyone thought David Archuleta was going to win, but WHAM! David Cook won instead. It proves just how quirky American Idol affairs are like.

Despite everything, I still think both of their ‘No Boundaries’ rocked. I never knew Kara could write such ah-mezzing songs. Though I have to admit, Kris’s version was somehow…more soothing to the ear. It’s a kind of acoustic song, so Adam’s scream-sing doesn’t actually fit well, despite his booming vocals.

I have a theory about Kris’s victory: Kris is classified in the James Morrison, Jason Mraz and James Blunt group, and nowadays, people favour slow, acoustic music more than hard rock, which is exactly the likes of Adam. Access.com stated, “People would want to hear Kris singing over the radio and not Adam’s screaming.” Which, I have to admit is true.

But, I still think Adam ROCKS.

Bye AI 8, anticipating AI 9.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

2 thoughts on ““Kradam””

  1. I can;t believe you like Adam. But then again, I can’t see why anyone would like him. He’s gay, he’s had affairs with Paula, and I think he nasal singing is not appealing. Kris has a more soothing voice, but on the whole, la viva David Archuleta! (He could have beaten both Adam and Kris FLAT!)

  2. He’s had affairs with Paula? O.o Not true! And his singing is actually more appealing than Kris’s, but that’s why I think anyway. BUT…

    I have to agree 101%. DAVID ARCHULETA ROCKS!!!! ❤

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