Happy Birthday To Me


Recap of Birthday 2008:

It was a Monday night, and I just came back from Jasmine’s tuition. I was in a cranky mood, because Zer Bin’s mum was late to fetch us back, and I had unfinished homework -a whole chinese essay to complete. So when I came home, I was already sulking, practically crying, though I don’t know why. Then, all of a sudden, mum came up and led me to the kitchen, asking me to eat. I was astounded. I still have a long essay to finish, and she wants me to eat at night? So of course I argued, saying stuff like, “I don’t wanna eat!” But she pulled me in anyway, and I had to comply. So I went in and… WHAM. Jia Yuan and Jia Wen apparated from behind the cabinets with a cake in their hand, and I was like, OMG. Dumbfounded. Really shocked. And then I burst into incredulous laughs. Turns out mum and dad had prepared a surprise birthday party after all. It succeeded in driving my previous tears away, and we munched on cake the whole night, before both sisters had to leave. It was amazing, unforgettable.

Jia Yuan, Jia Wen and I
Jia Yuan, Jia Wen and I

Birthday 2009

8th June

Dad came back from work around 6 p.m. and out of the blue, he asked me to get ready for a trip to the supermarket because he wanted to get me an MP4. I was, well, astonished. And when I knew mum and Chieny weren’t tagging along, I knew something fishy was going on, but I still blamed myself for being paranoid. Mum said she had to cook for tonight’s dinner so I just shrugged it off. We bought my MP4 at Suria, Simpang Empat, and headed for Pacific next, because dad said he needed to get mum something. So, our first stop was, of course, the CD shop. After that, dad suggested we go to Popular. Popular. Dad never goes to Popular. He hates books. So when he made that suggestion, I was like, “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?” And he just responded with something about “get cookbook” and “mummy”. But I followed him anyway, because, if you haven’t known me well enough, Popular is heaven to me.

It wa starting to get dark by the time we reached home. In my mind, a somewhat-likely war was waging. Something fishy is going on… I have started to learn better about birthday surprises ever since my previous birthday experience. I took off my shoes and placed them on the rack. Hm. Funny. No extra shoes. Okay. Operation One. Check cabinets for shoes-that-are-not-in-place. I opened all the cabinets. Fumbling through stinky shoes. Weeeeird. No shoes. Aah. Maybe there wasn’t a surprise after all. I went in tentatively. Operation Two. Check for leaks. Mum was watching news, and Chieny… Okay, she was smiling inconspiciously. Something is definitely going on… “What?” I asked Chieny. “What?” she mimicked. She was trying extremely hard to conceal her smile. Fine. I headed for the study to keep my bag. Okay, weeeeird. The study door is closed. It’s NEVER closed. I, the forever-messy-pot, had made sure of THAT. I opened the door, a small tinge of premonition of what was going to happen… As soon as the door was opened, the first thing I saw was light. Not the fluoroscent light. Candle light. Then Jia Yuan, Xin Thong, Jia Ying and Hui Ying appeared with a cake in their hands, singing the birthday song. I could only stand there -of course, I WAS shocked- and grin idiotically. As soon as my friends were out of earshot -to place the cake on the table in the hall- I mouthed at mum and dad, “I KNEW IT!!!” It was a pretty pleasant party, though not as surprising as last year’s. We watched ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’ -though we barely knew what it was about because we were busy chatting to take notice- and the food was… incredible. Chicken wings, popiah, karipap, jellies, FOUR boxes of pizzas and TWO cakes. One made my mum, one bought at Sayang. Uncle Lim and his family also came at the last minute. We were so full that Jia Yuan threatened to run around my house for 10 rounds before sleeping. Then, of course everyone went home. I, of course, stayed up till 2 a.m. to test out my new MP4. Okay, I guess you could scratch the ‘of course’ there. Of course. I’ve scratched it for you. 🙂

Yesh. Call me fat. :)
Yesh. Call me fat. 🙂


Me and Yuan
Me and Yuan


The Little Ones
The Little Ones


Group photo!
Group photo!


Chieny -Mr Midnight #55 .

The Koh-Cheng sisters -A tissue box lace cover and a purse.

Hui Ying -RM 20

Aunty Josephine -RM 50

Uncle Lim -RM 50

9th June

Dad fetched me to Alor Star Mall at 2 p.m. for my outing with Pei Fong (Dolphin) , Hoi Chin (Crystal) and Yuen Ming (Soya). (Note: I love to go by nicknames whenever I’m with these three. 🙂 ) However, Soya failed to show up, leaving only the three of us. (Soya, if you’re reading this, BEWARE!! XD ) We had planned to watch ‘Night At The Museum 2’ at 2.50 p.m. so we had a snack first before heading for the cinema. At the food court, they presented me with my present, a silver necklace with the initial ‘M’, and a teddy bear. 🙂 Thanks, guys. Then, at the cinema, we had to queue up for eternity just to buy popcorns and drinks. But, because there was a Tuesday Special coupon thingy, we forced ourselves to be patient, and by the time we were done, it was almost 3 and we rushed like mad to Cinema 3, Dolphin and I looking like maniacs carrying the giant-sized popcorns and XL sized Pepsis. The movie had already started when we entered and everyone was like, “Shhhhhh!!!” So we groped in the dark for our seats and settled down. The movie was hilarious -especially when Able and Dexter slapped Larry- and of course we giggled at the ‘children-forbidden’ parts -don’t tell me you don’t know what they are- until I’m sure the audience in front and at the back were annoyed with our twitters. After the movie, we went shopping for candies -yes, candies- and Dolphin gave me a pack of Crispies and Crystal gave me a stick of Mentos. Then we went home.

To everyone who has wished me and gave me presents, you receive my greatest and sincere thanks deep from my heart’s core. Thank you mum and dad, for my uberfantasticiliousfabulousahmezzingawesome surprise party. Oh, and thank you Crystal for paying for my movie tickets. 😉 I luff you guys! :-*

P.S. Jia Yuan, Xin Thong, Jia Ying and Hui Ying’s shoes were under the cardboards placed on the bench. 🙂


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