I’m Scared

Because I am on duty for 5D tomorrow.

Yes, I am re-elected for prefect again. Joy or sorrow, I dunno. But I promise I’ll never resign again. Crystal will probably kill me anyway.

So yeah, I am dreading tomorrow, where I am on duty for 5D, and it’s assembly day. Everytime Nini or Nadia or Azira asks me which class I’m in charge of, and I reply, “5D”, their faces immediately change into horrified expressions. Not that I need anymore of that.

I try to keep this thoughts at bay. Think positive, think positive. 5D. Shutup. Think positive, positive… 5D. STFU!! I am so stuck in a dilemma right now. I so wished I hadn’t resigned last year.

To any seniors who happen to stumble upon my blog, you did not see anything.

To Soya, Crystal, Dolphin and my friends, thanks for the encouragement, but that still hasn’t succeeded in eliminating my fears, I’m afraid.

To myself, stay strong.


Published by

Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

9 thoughts on “I’m Scared”

  1. 5D???????michelle,you’re really in trouble….that class is totally terrible.I got it three times ady. U better face it with confident….

  2. wan ting: that didn’t help. 😦 *jk*

    joyce: i din jaga your class yet. watch out….:D

    rach: 3M is still senior class tho, and they rarely listen to me, i mean, us. gud luck with 5A tho. *hints at Joyce*

  3. haha.cuz thats the only time they could play around.thats why.at least all 3M ppl will be in line after recess unlike 5A :S

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