A New Fledgling

First of all, I just want to say, Rach, I LUFF CHU.

For lending me the House Of Night series of course.







Tempted: Coming soon: 27 October 2009

Extremely typical of me to fall in love with books like this. Vampiric books.


The House of Night is a school where vampire fledglings go to learn about Vampyre 101. They have to go through -six?- grades to transform into a full vampyre, otherwise, you die.

Zoey Redbird is just like any other typical 16-year-old. Until she was Marked. She attends the House of Night, where she neets Stevie Rae Johnson, her BFF, and her other friends, Damien Maslin, a gay, Erin Bates and Shaunee Cole, both extreme BFFs and call themselves the Twins even though Erin is white and Shaunee is black.

Everything is fine until she meets Aphrodite Lafont, the snobbish leader of the Dark Daughters. Zoey vows to bring her down someday, and the both of them are clones of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

Then she meets Erik Night, the hottest fledgling in House of Night, and both of them starts going out. But she soon found herself tied to Heath Luck, her human almost-ex boyfriend, when they sorta Imprinted (that’s soooooo Twilight) when Zoey drank licked his blood.

Then on Samhain, or Halloween, as the humans call it, Aphrodite led the Dark Daughters, including Zoey, because she has a penchant for drinking blood, and a catastrophe occurred when Aphrodite accidentally summoned evil spirits in her ritual. Zoey saved everyone, especially Heath -who was drunk and stumbled upon the group who was almost killed had not Erik saved him- with her newfound powers: an affinity for the five elements, wind, fire, water, earth and spirit, with the help of Stevie Rae, Damien and the Twins.

In the end, Neferet, Zoey’s mentor and professor, declared Zoey as the new leader of the Dark Daughters, and Aphrodite left with a sour face.


The betrayal can be pointed to Zoey’s betrayal towards Erik, and Neferet’s betrayal towards Zoey.

Things were fine for Zoey, until two humans, both friends of hers, died, completely drained of blood, all evidence pointing to the vampyres at House of Night. As the new leader of the Dark Daughters, Zoey tries to find the murderer, but had no idea where to start.

Zoey is stuck between three guys: Erik Night, her almost-boyfriend, Heath Luck, her human almost-ex boyfriend, and Loren Blake, who teaches poetry at the House of Night. Things doesn’t get better when Zoey and Heath’s imprint deepens.

Then Stevie Rae dies and Zoey is heartbroken. But she had a vision of Stevie Rae and a whole group of fledglings who were supposed to be dead like Elliott and Elizabeth, capture Heath. Using her Imprinted connection with Heath, she found out that Heath was indeed captured and locked in a chamber underground.

Zoey saves Heath, and realised that Stevie Rae had turned into a pale creature with fangs who sucks blood. Stevie Rae told Zoey that it was Neferet who had caused this. Stevie Rae was neither a fledgling nor a vampyre, but Zoey still sensed the real Stevie Rae in the monster and vows to save her before getting Heath out of there.

As soon as they got outside, they bumped into Neferet, and she erased both of their memories in the underground chamber. However, with the help of her powers, Zoey restores her memory and discovers the true person behinf the kind and gentle Neferet.


Zoey and Aphrodite saves Stevie Rae and hides her in Aphrodite’s house. Much as she hated it, Zoey couldn’t tell her friends about Stevie Rae because the extremely intuitive Neferet would know, and since Aphrodite and her were the only people that Neferet can’t read, Zoey could only share the secret with Aphrodite. One day, both of them found Professor Nolan’s corpse and Neferet had to tighten the security, making it harder for the both of them to get to Stevie Rae.

Meanwhile, Zoey feels herself getting more and more distant with her friends, and before she knew it, her relationship with Erik was almost at its peak, had not Zoey saved it quickly. However, Zoey and Loren got into a sticky end (that is, doing the thing) and Erik finds out about it, and dumps Zoey.

Zoey was heartbroken and rushes off to find Loren, but realise it was all an act. Neferet was behind it all, and ordered Loren to steal Zoey’s heart, so that Erik leaves her; and break Zoey’s Imprint with Heath.

Zoey runs off and hides under a tree, where Damien and the Twins found her. They tried to console her but was interrupted when Erik arrived and blurted out about Loren and Zoey. Then, all of a sudden, Stevie Rae enters House of Night, and without wasting time, Zoey, Damien, the Twins and Aphrodite performed a ritual to restore the old Stevie Rae. As a result, Aphrodite had to make a sacrifice, and turned into a human again.

Damein and the Twins realised Zoey had been keeping secrets from them and turned away from her, just as Neferet had wanted. Feeling defeated, Zoey still vowed to bring Neferet down, and knows that Nyx, the Goddess of House of Night will be watching over her.


*pants* I’m trying to get my hands on Untamed at Borders afterwards (yipee!) but Hunted won’t be so easy to get. I checked and it’s RM 60++ So.

I’ll probably post about the characters afterwards, so keep your fingers crossed.

XOXO The New Fledgling

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10 thoughts on “A New Fledgling”

  1. Yi Hong: :look:

    Rach: /yup. They’re one awesome series. XD I haz untamed nao, u wanna?
    ‘nyways, gud luck in your xam. 😀

  2. i know.haha i did thought of borrowing yours.but then im gonna buy it sooner or later.so whatever it is, its after PMR.
    thanks. mann its freaking me out. :S

  3. well at least you’re a top student & u started studying already.i just started studying this year.everything last minute.pathetic huh

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