Midnight By Mail

The clock on your wall chimes twelve times. It is twelve midnight, and your surroundings are pitch black. You hear the sound of a revved motor right outside your gate and stiffen, chills running up and down your spine, your hair standing on its ends. Who is it? What is it? What is it doing at your house? Frightened, you suddenly fear everything around you. Even the tiniest noise send shivers along your skin. You do not want to stay here in the dark, and you do not want to know who is outside, either, but you have no choice. Trembling, you inch towards the brown mahogany door and pry it open silently. A dark silhouette was straddled on a noisy motorbike, apparently waiting for you. You creep towards the said figure, scared, and try to get a glimpse of his face, but the darkness prevent you from doing so. The man hand you a large brown envelope and speed off without a word. You hurry indoors and bolt all the doors, before bringing the envelope to light. The light is dim, but you can just make out the words:

Michelle Teoh Zi Yan
No. 1, Seaview Apartment,
05000 Forks,
USA. **

You realise with an apprehensive jolt that somebody knows exactly where you live. Your fingers tremble as you fumble for the envelope flap. You brace yourself for the worse as you extracted its contents…



How was my story-writing, eh? Pretty cool, don’t you think? :p So yeah, I got a Certificate Of Merit, along with bookmarks, keychains and a coaster from Flame Of The Forest for submitting a Mr Midnight story. It’s in Mr Midnight #42. Read it.

Oh, and by the way, this arrived for me a couple of weeks before:

Dear Michelle,


We are pleased to inform you that you have been awarded a MM Ccertificate oof Merit for your winning entries in Mr Midnight Book 42.

You are invited to meet the author, Mr James Lee, at POPULAR Bookfest @ Malaysia 2009, KLCC.

James Lee will be at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, The Reading Room, Hall 5 on:
1) 22 Aug 09 (Sat): 12-3pm
2) 23 Aug 09 (Sun): 11am-2pm

If you do attend, Mr James Lee will present you the certificate as well as a gift. Please bring along this letter to collect your certificate.

Come one hour earlier, i.e. on 22 Aug 09 at 11.oo am OR 23 Aug 09 at 10.00am. Meet the MM Team at Hall 5, booth outside The Reading Room.

However, if you are unable to attend one of the two events above, you can mail us a duplicate of this letter requesting for the certificate to be mailed.

My best wishes,
Sarah Chia
MM Team Manager

And because I couldn’t turn up for the event, I asked Sarah to mail me my cert.

I love you guys! ❤

**Address changed to protect privacy. XP

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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