You Know You Love Me




Copy of dear love





Chace Crawford (Mr C), Ashley Greene (Miss Ash), Michelle Teoh (Miss Mayo)






Hey everyone, it’s Gossip Girl here. In the busy town of Manhattan, we catch a glimpse of some of our favourite personages in town, grabbing a cup of latte, window shopping, or *le gasp* caught in the act, smooching all over the place.

Fine day, indeed. We spot a couple heading out from the Teen Choice Awards, linked. It’s Mr C and Miss Ash! Who knew the two of them were so tight knit, huh? We hide in a corner, sending our ‘secret agent’ Mel to take a peek into Miss Ash’s limo.

Meanwhile, in another corner of the street, we sense Miss Mayo walking down the pavement, soda in hand, humming into her iPod. Her Miss Whatever boots were making a tinkling noise on the cemented path as she stepped into the street where Miss Ash’s limo was parked. Her brows raising just a notch, she peered a little into the back seat, and got the shock of her life.



Needless to say, who doesn’t know M’s crush towards C for decades? Tsk, tsk. Naughty boy, Mr C. Raged, M lets out a suppressed shriek and tosses her cup of soda at A’s window. Calm down, girl. Looks like things are getting wild as C climbs out of the back seat to console the know hysteric M, while A stares at the scenario in surprise. Our agent did her homework, too. Mel says she caught a few words like, “betray” and “fooling around” from M’s mouth, while C tries to shut her up. Thanks, Mel. Looks like the photo we snapped will be floating around in cyberworld for some time.

Might as well proceed to what the tabloids have to say. Oh, psh, anti-tabloids, I have more juicy news for you guys. Seems like M’s interruption on C and A’s smooching section wasn’t enough to destroy the bond between them. Weeks later, we found the duo holding hands emerging from Napolean’s Cafe just around the corner. Platonic friends? I don’t think so. Later, we caught M in a terrible mood coming out from Dunkin’ Donuts. Better watch the sugar, girl. Don’t gain heartbroken-weight.

Especially for you guys out there, Gossip Girl promises to give the juiciest and latest news on this love triangle, and snapshots too, courtesy of our brilliant Mel. Ciao.

Gossip Girl

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