`In the Blink of An Eye; It’s Just Another Day


Ah. Finally. A local English song worthy of my hearing.

I fell in love with this song ever since that sad paper dude peeked out of (a sheet of paper? a file?) to look at the other paper chick in the other building. Cute. I like it how everyone blew him over to the other end when he was literally stuck in the middle of two buildings, hanging on to a string by a paper clip.

Anyways, yes, this is another random post, because I’m procrastinating on my Nano. Don’t ask me what that is. Yet. I’ll blog about it later when I’m free. Don’t want any sneakadees poking around here.

So my laptop clock says it’s 5.39, but the clock on my wall points to 5.46, so you can say I’m pretty much bored off my pants till I even have the tolerance to decide which clock should I follow. I just watched A Cinderella Story on my laptop just now, and, okay, it’s cheesy. But, of course! It’s Disney. Disney and cheesy, are like, soul twins. Look, they even rhyme! I’ve been watching lots of cartoon lately, like Up and Ratatouille, regardless of how much nonsense they spit out. Especially Up. God. The old dude’s what, 80? How the hell could he move a whole house in a barren land full of nothingness? But then again, Pixar took a leaf outta Disney’s book, so we’re landed with crappatastic three-dimensional movies, full of equally three-dimensional characters with incredibly square-ish jaws and egg-shaped faces.

Besides that, I gotta tell you guys, it’s raining outside. With lots of lightning and thunder. Right, I just remembered, people used to ask why does lightning come first? Some say ’cause our eyes are in the front, therefore we see the zapping of the lightning first; some say, uhh, to warn people to shield their ears when thunder strikes. Well, me? I say the combination of the two of them could make you end up in a handicapped ward, because lightning blinds the hell out of your eyes, and thunder chases your eardrums till they fall out of your ears. I hate storms, by the by.

My runny nose just came on, darn. I hate it when it just slaps my nose uninformed. I could be, like, brushing my teeth, and then the gooey mucus will start to blob in my nasal cavity and then I would have trouble breathing, ’cause it’s so freaking itchy. Not to mention the eyes. God, the eyes. They’re the worst. That day, I was piling muffins into my mouth, and then my left eye got all itchy on me when I blinked. So I rubbed it. And rubbed. And rubbed. And rubbed. Till it got all swollen and puffy-like and then Chieny would start to ask, “Are you crying?”

Oh, bee tee double yew (Oh, hello? Somebody’s copying me? Wait, it’s not my creation, it’s Christina’s. At least she knows that I do.) I might be going to MYF tonight. Yay! But, only might, ’cause I’m all with procrastinating. That’s practically my middle name, huh? But, I dunno, I want to go, but it also depends on transport, so.

Ohmylife. You know your life’s slipping into a coma when you are running out of things to blog about.

Oh, and I dreamt that I died last night. And I liked it. It’s really complicated, but I seriously like it. I know that I posted that in my Facebook profile, but I’m mighty proud of it, ’cause I’m cooking up a story plot now. Dun dun dun.

Bye, folks. Aaaaaaaaand, Mayo out.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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