`We’re Hard, Hard;; Baby

Hey folks. How’re ya all doin’? I’m in the mood for some Stevie Rae Okie twang, so don’t blame me for the extra apostrophes and weird spellings.

So, I watched The Sister’s Keeper yesterday, Abigail Breslin and Cameron Diaz and all. And, it must be put forward that lots of my friends and magazines said that it was a heart-wrenching, tear-inducing movie. So I was ready last night. With a box of tissues in front of me and a pillow to hide my face in case it gets too messy for everyone.

And you know what? In the end, I didn’t even cry.

Sure, the most I got was a blurry vision, but not a single tear dropped from my socket. Nada. Whereas my parents were the one who went “waah it’s such a sad movie waah”.

Butbutbut, I think I can sort out the theory behind this. See, the movie’s about Anna losing her sister and Sara losing her daughter, right? Well, I have neither, so I can’t actually feel the sadness coursing through my parents tear glands. And so, no, I didn’t cry.

Another theory of mine is that, well, I’ve built a hard core around my heart these past few months. Even I began to notice that. Last time, (around the beginning of the year) I would definitely cry whenever scolded. Now, though, I can actually look away and think negative thoughts at the scolder when faced with such a situation. I can afford to be all by myself with no one to communicate with for 24 hours straight. I didn’t know I could do it, but I did, so it’s the explanation I can come up with.

By the way, I think the hard core doesn’t include breaking into tears all of a sudden when disappointed and let down. Like, all of a sudden, and then it stops, and its like nothing ever happened.

Anyway, that was yesterday. Today I had Alan’s Science tuition, and guess what he thought? Blood. And then he said all sorts of stuff like bone marrow, leukemia, chemo and stuff, and my mind wanders back to My Sister’s Keeper. Ironic, huh, that he chose such a perfect timing to teach that topic just after I watched that movie.

Of course, if I hadn’t watched that movie last night, my automatic thought would be vampires, especially the donated blood and refrigerated blood part. I still did, though, although the impact wasn’t as huge. And then he said that blood is a mixture of plasma and red blood cells and white blood cells called erythrocytes and leucocytes and also platelets. Sorry if that gave you aneurysm all of a sudden. So, he said plasma actually contained waste products, so I thought it was irky that vampires drink blood that contain urine. I swear, if I become a vampire someday, I’ll ask a topnotch doctor or scientist to separate the plasma and cells, so that I’ll just gulp the cells down like vitamin C tablets. It’s much cleaner and healthier that way.

Get this, True Erythrocytes instead of True Blood.

“Red blood cells to boost up your energy and give you the strength for your daily needs! No excretory waste, and is as clean as your home toilet!”

Who knows? Maybe I’ll be famous one day, like that genius Japanese scientist in True Blood.

Speaking of vampires, I’ll tune into vampyres for a sec. Ohmyvoldemort, Burned is out 27 April 2010 in US and 6 May 2010 in UK, which also means, time to save up and purchase online! Or maybe I’ll get lucky and get it in Penang like how I got Tempted.

My post is long, and you’ll sure be yawning in a matter of seconds, so I’ll just leave one last remark before I got back to Nano. The dream of my death yesterday? I’ve thought about it, and realised it was more of excitement and an adrenaline rush instead of happiness. The minute the weird guy killed me with his finger -yes, finger– I was jolted awake immediately. Coincidence, no?

Ohmylife. I’ve just thought of an incredible storyline.

So long, folks.

Mayo outta here.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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