CNY- First Day

Woke up at 9 AM today. So friggin tired because I stayed up till 3 AM last night watching 2012. Yes, I know I’m darn slow, but in order to get the DVD with the best quality, the wait was worthwile.

So our destination was undeniably Ah Kong’s house, the rendezvous for all Teoh family members for almost every occasion every year. We were the earliest to arrive, so I spent the time helping to set up tables and stuff. The next to arrive was Si Pek and his family. It was a little different this year, since all of his daughters came home from UK this year; Soo Ling, Soo May and Soo Pei. Both Soo Pei and Soo Ling changed a lot since I last saw them, so we had a brief photography frenzy outside the house since Ah Kong had a brand new garden thanks to Sah Pek.

Relatives started to mull in endlessly after that, and I got my share of angpaus, of course. The Lion came in a little while after that and we took some pictures. The neighbours even set off a long line of firecrackers that made my ears pop. Time started to fly quite quickly after that, but maybe it was just me because the main event of the day was, of course gambling.

*I posted that on Tumblr and @Chrissy; it’s definitely safe gambling. Only with my family members. (:

"A little gambling is fun when you're with me." -Lady Gaga, Poker Face

So yeah, dad, Ji Pek, Goh Pek, Xiao Ku, San Ku, Xiong Koko, Yan Koko, Joshua and I were the main ‘culprits’. We gambled like mad that day, and everyone was impressed at my risk-taking during ‘In Between’.

I mean, c’mon. It’s Chinese New Year. Of course I need to do a little Adam Lambert risk taking. Psh.

From day to night, peals of laughter emitted from the air-conned living room. Thank God I won and dad won and no neighbours complained. /shifty

That pretty much summarises everything for the first day, apart from the magnificent food, which I think is pretty self-explanatory in everyone’s cases. I can’t can’t can’t wait for tomorrow and the day after (when we’ll be going to BKH /squeal) so I might not be online much. Ciao, folks.

PS. Boy, I’m impressed with myself for not getting hooked on a laptop/computer all the time at Ah Kong’s house.

Group photo (:

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