This post is dedicated to my lovely spouse, Nurathirah Natalia.

Dear Natalia, I miss you like crazy and I’m not even kidding. I hope you kill the swine flu and hurry back to me immediately, okay? Without you, it just feels…empty, really. I miss your jokes and laughter and…let’s not make this an epitaph speech.

But do hurry back, and I wish you get well incredibly soon! Everybody better keep her in your prayers or I’ll search for you house address and hunt you down and kill you or incapacitate you in any way possible.

You don’t worry about anything except getting better okay, Nat? ❤ you more than Hayles. LOL. <33

Published by

Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

2 thoughts on “NURATHIRAH NATALIA!”

  1. Sya kna quarantine.. Doc bgi prgi skolh lpas 22 apr..
    Sya hrap2 lar dpat prgi awal…Tp doc kta xboleyh.. Xtau lar… Love u too michelle my queen of heart! =D

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