Save Your Words For War

Hello people. No this is not a complaint post. I have decided try to stop being annoying and I am deliberately thinking about happy things like rainbows, unicorns and bubbles. I will not sound depressed or suicidal. I am going to try sounding positive. Positive positive positive. Here’s a smiley for you. 😀

I am having my trials right now, and I shouldn’t even be facing the computer but I seriously cba. (Look that up if you’re desperate.) I’ve decided not to pressure myself too much. As long as I get full As. As long as I get full As. As long as I get full As. And if I don’t, it’s just trial, not even PMR. And even if it is PMR, it’s just PMR, not SPM.

This kind of thinking has got me feeling pretty laidback. I don’t know if it’s good, but I’m not going to pressure myself. Unless someone happens to ask me about my results, which I picture it going on like this:

Stranger: So how many As you got in trial/PMR?

Me: 7As.

Stranger: Hah? What? Why? Why didn’t you get 8As? Was it hard? Or did you not memorize enough? Did you not do well enough?

Then, only will I resort to slit myself open in shame and punch the aforementioned person in the face.

Well done, Michelle. Look where you’re headed in this positive! positive! positive! post.

I have History, Geography and Math papers tomorrow. I really, really can’t be arsed to touch Math and Geo, which just leaves History.

I don’t get History. I will never get History. Why should we bother learning about local wars that don’t make a single impact in this world? Don’t bother. I’ve complained about this over and over and yet nothing is done. I would rather learn about Nazi Germany. So many Jews died, and people here can only complain how the British came and took reign, when in actual fact, were it not for the English, everyone would still be living in jungles with leaves used as toilet rolls.

I reread Jasmine’s ‘Behind That Shiny Resume’ once again and she wrote something along the lines of how ‘Malaysian students were apathetic’ and how ‘rigid rules like no correction fluid and short hair are completely unnecessary’. It’s a good book, you should pick it up. This is her blog.

I don’t even know why I wrote this. I guess I didn’t want that depressed post to stay on top for too long. Everyone just forget I ever posted this.

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