11/11/2010: SJKC Pumpong (Class of 2007) Reunion

After countless meetings (actually there were only 2 meetings, but I want to make it sound like we’d put in more effort than we actually did, so. Okay I’ll shut up now) and brainstormings with the “committee members” (Jia Yuan, Yi Jing, Cheah En, Mi Xia, Joey, Wei Xing, Hui Xiong and Lian Kai) at my house, we finally decided to have a primary school reunion on the 11th of November, at Jia Yuan’s mother’s shop, Joesphine Beauty & Slimming Centre.

Original invitation:

11 November 2010
SJKC Pumpong 6M + 6K (Year 2007) Reunion

Time: 7pm
Place: JOSEPHINE BEAUTY & SLIMMING CENTRE ( 1031 ) 1A Jalan Putra, 05150 Alor Star, Kedah Darul Aman. (Behind Dapur20)
Attire: White shirt + jeans
IMPORTANT: REMEMBER TO BRING A PAIR OF SUNGLASSES AND A GIFT (anything that isn’t needed at home, no need to buy a new one).

On that day, out of 60+ people of the 2 classes combined, only 18 turned up, 12 of 6M and 6 of 6K: All the committee members except Mi Xia (who was MIA to claim her Mighty Minds prize), Vern, Evelynn, Soo Min, Ying Hui, Chia Shin, Sin Shiun, Jojo, Chong Lim, Vincent, and Chun Tat. The number was disappointing, but that didn’t really mean the reunion was, too.

The committee members arrived at 6pm, then after realising some of us had forgotten to bring gifts, Jia Yuan, Yi Jing, Cheah En, Joey and I walked to 7-Eleven to get gifts (which were actually a packet of Ferrero Rochers, Kinder Bueno, and a box of Koko Krunch). Wei Xing and Hui Xiong were pretty much the junk food suppliers.

At 7pm, people started to turn up, and we began the first game (suggested by Jia Yuan during one of the meetings heh) which was having the first person (let’s say it’s a girl) walk up to a boy and say “Baby baby I love you, can you please smile?” and if he does, he has to take her place and sayin the exact same line to another girl. If he doesn’t, the poor girl has to find another guy. Joey got called out the most times, and I got called out 2 times (which was bloody embarrassing) but Yi Jing lost the game in the end.

The second game (which was Wei Xing’s idea) didn’t even last for 10 minutes. It goes like this: when one asks you a question, you have to answer it wrongly in 3 seconds without stuttering. It’s actually quite familiar if you’ve listened to games played on the radio. And not too surprisingly, I lost the game, and it ended there. Lol.

The third game (which was whose idea I don’t even remember) was pretty easy to understand and pretty common. You get someone to perform an action and the rest of the people have to guess the exact sentence. It was easy, until Chong Lim started setting loose all his crazy ideas, then things got funny. Even my dad went for a try! Vincent was the one who lost in this game.

By this time, my mum was already bugging us for a group photo, and we whipped out our shades and posed and laughed. After that, it was about 10pm and time to leave. The rest of us remaining got individual shots with other people. Everyone started to leave, and then it was only Jia Yuan and I, chatting while waiting for our parents.

Needless to say, I had an amazing time. I don’t really know about everyone else, I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did, and look forward to another reunion in the near future, like I do.

Soooooo here are some photos, but you can find the full album here.

First game
Third Game

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