Goodbye 2K10

It’s precisely twenty-five minutes till the beginning of 2011 and I am liveblogging from my grandpa’s house because we’re supposedly having a countdown at midnight. I’m sacrificing my time of watching the VMAs on TV to write this post so everyone reading this should appreciate it okay.

Now let’s look back at this year and point out the highlights/interesting events of 2010, shall we?

And I am basing all these events on my blog posts because I have aged speedily and cannot remember a thing.

In January, I got my braces done.

In February, welp, it was Chinese New Year.

In March, Paramore performed live in Singapore. (Not really related to me but I pretty much care about everything Paramore-related so yeah.)

In April, Siobhan Magnus got kicked out of American Idol and I was devastated.

In May, I got quite depressed and the ninth season of American Idol ended.

In June, my friends held a brilliant (and the best) surprise birthday party for me.

In July, I, uh, joined the Mighty Minds Challenge of year 2010.

In August, nothing happened so let’s pretend National Day was a big deal for me.

In September, my face came out on the newspaper and I was super-hyped for Deathly Hallows.

In October, I sat for the dastardly PMR, got a new iPhone, and had the best day of my life watching Paramore live for the first time.

In November, my house was flooded, I didn’t finish my Nanowrimo (welp secret’s out), I had a reunion with my primary school classmates and I had a fit watching Deathly Hallows on the 17th, way much earlier than anyone else I know from other countries.

In December, I got Heart, Josh & Zac Farro left Paramore (not really a highlight but I thought it necessary to point it out), I got straight As in PMR, and I had the best Christmas night ever….and I wrote this post.

Okay, well, I think there’s only about 3 minutes left until the beginning of 2011 and then this post will be pretty worthless so I’ll publish this now and possibly write out my new year resolutions in a different post.

I don’t really like or want a new year at the moment, but it’s as good a new start as I can get.

Happy new year everyone!

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