Not With A Fizzle, But With A Bang

Second day of school and I’m already frightened out of my wits. Today, we had all the upper form subject teachers give us briefings about their own subjects, like Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Add Math, Principle of Accounts, Music, ICT etc and I’m just saying that the one thing they are extremely good at (besides teaching their own specific subject, of course) is giving us a proper fright.

“Most people get 40, 50 marks in their add math tests… some even get 8 marks -8 marks over a hundred percent!- so if you get 70 marks it’s considered a huge A. It’s not susah, it’s susah gila.”

“Biology isn’t hard. It’s not when you understand what you’re studying. Although only 8 students got A+ for Bio last year.”

Shit is going down. How am I supposed to study for Add Math? And I thought Biology was considered pretty easy compared to Physics and Chemistry?

I thought teachers were supposed to educate and guide us, not work this scare-the-students-with-threats tactic on us. “Demented, psychotic and brain-frying” are starting to make perfect sense, Caleb.

My dad is saying I’m worrying too much. That it’s only the second day of school and I haven’t even stepped into my classroom and started lessons yet so why am I worrying?

I don’t know. I’ll probably cry the shit out of my eyes if I get 50 marks for Add Math.

And the tuitions, dear lord the tuitions. Tuitions everyday except for Friday, and only because I stubbornly refused to sign up for Accounts tuition on Friday night because, well, it’s Friday, the only day in the week I truly feel relaxed and stress-free, a proper weekend. Besides, I need to leave a day free for the mountainous homework headed my way, so I should probably forget “relaxed” and “stress-free”.

Who on Earth said Form 4 is honeymoon year unless by “honeymoon” you mean you married the wrong person and you spend your actual honeymoon in torturous hell, that I can agree with you.

Besides that, my school counselor gave us this “Sidek Personality Inventory”, asked us to fill it up and hand it in tomorrow. Because I was right next to the computer while filling up this form, I decided to Google the results I got. This is the site I got my results based on. I know I’m probably not allowed to do that but I was curious and Google never fails so here’s what I got (with a little help from Google translate):

  • Agressive -40%: Demonstrates that you are assertive/firm. You claim rights but at the same time you also take care of other people’s feelings.

I don’t know about the “assertive/firm” part, but I do claim rights all the time (although only on the Internet lol).

  • Analytical -60%: The analytical features of your address is simple. Your interest is in analyzing simple gusto.
  • Autonomy -90%: You like full freedom and show them in your actions and you are able to control your own daily activities.
  • Dependence -50%: Dependence of the medium level.

Okay I am genuinely surprised I only got 50% and not more.

  • Extrovert -0%: You do not like to socialize. You always avoid interacting in large groups. You are comfortable working within your own working environment.

I am not surprised about this at all.

  • Intellectual -60%: Features at a moderate level of intellectual.
  • Introvert -80%: You are not social and prefer to avoid situations which compel you to communicate. You are comfortable working independently.

Accuracy at it’s finest.

  • Variety -50%: Shows the characteristics of diversity are moderate. You are fine with both change and stabilization.
  • Endurance -30%: You lack physical endurance, mental and emotional. You easily ignore something if it is considered worthless. Quickly bored.
  • Self-criticism -100%: Shows problematic individuals. This is usually associated with individuals who often have low self-esteem, anxiety, guilt over what has been done and does not believe that he has achieved something successfully. Individuals who score between 60% and 70% is said to benefit from individual counseling, while individuals who scored more than 70% of individuals is said to be badly in need of counseling.

Oh shit.

  • Control -10%: Rational, you accept the opinion of others, and have a “do not care” attitude. You feel more comfortable being led than leading.
  • Helpfulness -40%: At a medium level.
  • Support -80%: Always wanted to be supported, dependent, wants to be loved, understood and sympathised. (With the combination of low scores to helpfulness, you are an individual who is very selfish.)

Not really that surprising, really, but isn’t this a paradox to my 50% of dependence?

  • Structure -80%: shows you are an individual who likes things structured, regular and detailed. Prefers careers that require tidiness, rules, accuracy, and repetition.

This fits well with my OCD.

  • Achievement -50%: You are moderately motivated to achieve something.

I don’t like this.

  • Deception -20%: This scale is a scale designed to specifically detect honesty of respondents in answering test items. Scores above 50% indicate respondents tend to give dishonest answers, thus the profiles obtained are not reliable.

Well, it’s a good and bad thing this inventory shows my supposedly true personality but I’m not sure if my school counselor will like my results…oh whatever, she’ll have to deal with it.

So anyway. Have a picture of me picking my nose in my room.

PS. Heart is getting better, I guess. He doesn’t seem so lethargic anymore, but having three needles poked into you must be a bitch. He’s eating, but only chicken meat. He refuses dog food and even sausages. Tomorrow will be his last injection and then we’ll have to see if he survives this parvovirus battle.

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