For Liberty, Fernando

If you took one look at my title and think I’m talking about Fernando Torres, you must not know me at all. I dislike football (or soccer, if you will have it) with a particular passion. Except for the World Cup. That I can accept because I enjoy having three of us head over to my dad’s friend’s house just to watch it on cable and I would pretend to pay attention to the match when in reality I am just enjoying being in a new environment and reading my book.

Anyway I digress. I have been listening to quite a lot of ABBA lately. Yes, that 80’s Swedish pop music group that my parents and I thought were actually coming to Malaysia to perform last year but turned out to be a pop music group trying to dress, sing and act like ABBA but weren’t ABBA. Their music is fantastic and more original than anything you hear nowadays. I know I can’t exactly connect them to my childhood like I can with Bee Gees because I hadn’t actually listen to them when I was still a kid, but listening to them still brings a sense of nostalgia, of what had, what is, and what will be in this world. I don’t know exactly how it does that but it does.

Today is technically the first day of schooling (I said schooling, not school) because we are finally sorted into our Form 4 classes and also got our textbooks. I am now a student in 4 Sultanah, the only Chinese in the class, although not the only non-Muslim. As usual, there is always despair during class-sorting, and after going through that grief for three consecutive years, I decided to not give a hoot about which class I am in and just make the best of it. I’m not sour, I’m okay with my class, even though this means I won’t be in the same class as Pei Fong, Yuen Ming, Hoi Chin, Jia Yee, Yu Han, Shi Qian, Chew Jie and probably won’t see them as frequently anymore. But I have Leea, Aina, Anum, Natalia etc in this class so I might as well make the best of it, right? First day of schooling, and I am actually anticipating classes like a duckling following its mother into the water for the first time. I had a taste of what Physics is really like, and I’m actually trying to take everything slow and steady, and constantly remind myself that there’s no need to rush, no need to panic at all. It’s a new beginning and since we’re probably going to whine over how tedious and boring all this is in about 3 or 4 months, why not take joy in it in the only moment you can?

Look at me, being all inspirational and all.

School affairs aside, look what Beneh brought for me today!

So apparently she saw me tweeting about wanting a LOTR book set long ago and brought it up yesterday that she had them at home so my eyes brightened, literally brightened and got really excited and asked if it’s okay if I could borrow them and she said sure she could because no one at home reads them anymore anyway so this forms an idea in my head and I asked her if it’s okay to sell them to me because I want them so, so badly but instead she said she can give them to me as an early birthday present and I swear, I swear I almost fell off my seat and couldn’t believe my ears and oh my lovely Beneh thank you thank you thank you so much I love you. :*

Today was a pretty good day. (No tuition too!) The only downside is I’ve finished Mark Reads Catching Fire, at least, until the part he reviewed and apparently he hasn’t been reviewing since 7th of January and this makes me kind of worried if I overlooked a notice or something because he usually reviews daily but it’s okay I’m going to go watch an episode (or two) of Skins and put up fresh posters on my wall.

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