Update On My Life By Yours Truly

Lately, I have been very reluctant to post on this blog because many personal issues have aroused and to save myself from the prying eyes this blog garners, I have been posting in my other personal site. Thus, why I haven’t been around.

So, if you’re from my school, you will know that I have been demoted to 4A last week, and then 4N again this week. I guess I shouldn’t consider it a demotion since it has nothing to do with the deterioration of my grades or anything, but if you look at it a way, it sure does seem so. I don’t have much of a say in this, so it’s no point elaborating much on this anymore.

I revisited my old buddy, swimming, again, this afternoon, and I must say it was the best day I have had in weeks since the reopening of school. Yun Tong, Yun Shuan, Yetong, Peik Hwa, Laiyy, Nadia are a few of my friends who went for this “1Malaysia 1Sukan” (or something like that) activity. Unfortunately, it was quite an unpopular sport and only around 20 people attended. We went to the MBAS pool, the one right next to the KFC restaurant at Jalan Stadium. At the mere mention of that place we sort of cringed because it was normally jam-packed and quite dirty, compared to the ASRC pool we normally go to. In the bus, I carelessly passed off a comment to Peik Hwa “how good would it be if we went to the pool and found out there was no one there but only us kids from Asma?” and guess what, the pool was indeed ours! And it was fairly clean, as well. Those were two bonuses we hadn’t actually expected.

It was great being in the water after laying my poor, pampered muscles to rest for months. By the time it was almost 5, I had deduced that this was the most tiring swim I have ever had, since we covered the whole pool at about…2 or 3 laps? The minute I got out of the water it was like having someone putting whole sacks of heavy objects on my shoulders while kicking me in the back knees at the same time.

Another plus side was, we had quite a meal at KFC after cleaning up. And boy it was the best meal I have ever had after a swim. I felt so tired and hungry I almost couldn’t stand while queuing at the counter that it was such a bliss chomping on my food so quickly because everyone else was doing the same. Eating with friends is one of the purest form of joy. Almost as good as going out to watch a movie with them.

The bus arrived later than scheduled, but I got home just fine, and had an hour and a half of sleep before going to tuition. I am a hundred and one percent sure my limbs are going to moan and groan endlessly tomorrow but I’m hoping for another trip down to the pool next week.

Okay I am aware this isn’t much of an update, more like my swimming trip, so I’m also going to write this next bit I was inspired to write just a while ago.

I just visited Xuen’s blog and I know I’ve seen her tweeted about going to college before, but skimming through her blog posts and photos about actually being at college, I had this…I don’t know, sort of a sense of…pride? Because a while ago I swear she had only been posting about her life as an SPM candidate, about school and tuitions and revisions and whatnot and then suddenly she’s taken her driving test and gone off to college, and I know I’m sounding like such an insensitive creep now, but I truly felt this sort of…happiness, watching the actual process of growing up. How can this be? How can all this have flown by so fast? And then soon you’ll stop seeing me whining about exams and school because I myself will probably be shipped elsewhere (to somewhere exotic, I hope) and this blog and this person writing here will be so different I don’t think I’ll even recognise myself. This makes me excited and scared at the same time.

So yeah, that was just my train of thought. And now, this is the end of another weblog-pisode, brought to you specially by none other than the legen-

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…






Yeah I know that’s not really how you use Barney Stinson’s line but I’m out of witty lines so work with me here.


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2 thoughts on “Update On My Life By Yours Truly”

  1. Such a pity that you and Mokshie left us,I was quite hyped up about you guys joining us you know. You know, me only occassionally get to contact you through your blog. Sighs*

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