Michelle Watches American Idol Season 10 #2

New Orleans was definitely better than New Jersey.

I’ve decided to stop whining about the judges and focus on the contestants, because New Orleans have some pretty decent singers right here. I personally found three of my favourites tonight, the last two of them even managed to completely blow my mind.

Brett Loewenstern: The moment I saw him, the first word that came to mind was “Frodo”, followed closely by “hobbit”. So whenever I say The Frodo Guy, you’ll know who I’m referring to. However, the minute he opened his mouth, all three of us started to question his gender at once. If you close your eyes and just listen to his talking voice, I can assure you you would’ve thought it was a woman talking. But when he started to sing… it was great. He had a great voice, and now I am assured that hobbits are naturally good singers. I’m sorry, I mean, people who look like hobbits. (And I’m not just saying, because Simon Cowell once called the winner of World Idol a hobbit with the voice of an angel but that’s out of the topic so never mind.) He’s also kind of like American’s Idol resident Kurt Hummel. He left the room with a golden ticket, and Jennifer Lopez claiming that he has “extremely well-conditioned hair”.

Well, I might love his voice, but I wouldn’t go near his hair with a ten-foot pole.

Jacee Badeaux: When I started hearing people comparing this so-called sensation to Justin Bieber, I had instant dislike for him. If American Idol is going to start swarming with barely of age tweens screaming their lungs out, proclaiming their undying love for this new Biebs-look-alike, I swear I’m going to stop watching the show entirely. So I was prepared when it was his turn…and I was unprepared. Maybe it was also the after effect of listening a Mick Jagger slash Steven Tyler look-alike who can’t sing, but I have to say I am impressed because this fifteen-year-old (and here I was thinking the youngest age limit of American Idol was sixteen) had a genuinely good voice. Looks-wise… I’m not sure many of Biebs’s fans would be happy, but all the better. Although something tells me he won’t last long. Take Aaron Kelly for example. He lasted long, oh yes, but only because of his looks, and the fact that he was young. If you’re young without a promising voice, looks are going to be your only weapon of survival, and since we can’t really determine if young Jacee here really does have a promising voice, we’ll just have to see.

Paris Tassin: I was prepared for the girl with this beautiful name ever since Elya tweeted how she looked like Lights only with a better voice. I thought she looked like a dark-haired version of Kristen Bell. I honestly wasn’t expecting her story of woe, thinking she was just some kind of normal teenager from this small town from Louisiana whose biggest dream is to win American Idol and all that jazz. I wasn’t expecting a mother with a diseased child, but I guess that adds to the juiciness of the show.

Okay that sounded heartless. But it was a touching story, and when she sang, she blew everyone else off the shaky list of American Idol to-bes. It wasn’t just her voice, which is extremely powerful, that had a huge impact on me, and the judges too, but her song choice…was just plain perfect. She sang Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood, and it was kind of like Carrie Underwood herself wrote that song especially for her, because it was her life story, and she wasn’t just singing a song, she was singing about the truth of her life, which moved Jennifer Lopez to tears. So what else is there to say? She got the golden ticket and she’s on her way to Hollywood.

Right, so here’s a list of some of my personal favourites so far, which I’ll keep on updating as we move along.

New Jersey

  • Robbie Rosen (He looks like Justin Long with Nick Santino’s nose.)
  • Rachel Zevita
  • Travis Orlando (He;s about the only one from New Jersey that I truly like.)

New Orleans

  • Brett Loewenstern
  • Jacee Badeaux
  • Paris Tassin

Wow I’ve never really cared about the auditions before but this year, this year I’ll do it for Careful Confessions.

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