Interlude 2

Modeled by Hui Ying, yours truly and Ching Ju. Photographed by my mum.

“Society teaches ‘don’t get raped’ rather than ‘don’t rape’.”

                                                                         -Hilary Beaumont

The scenario in the Teoh’s household this evening: photoshoot first-timers, lots of giggling, awkward photo poses, an impatient photographer, “creative” brainstorms but most importantly, the ability to send our message across to the worldwide society.

Watch out for a future issue of Stuff@School in…the future.


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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

2 thoughts on “Interlude 2”

  1. I think that it is important to teach society not to rape but teaching people not to be victimized is just as crucial. As mush as people try teaching society not to become perverts or rapists, these kind of people still roam free. So it’s not wrong when a father restricts his daughter from wearing revealing clothes. He just wants to protect his child. Psychology only works to a certain extent. This opinion is not solely based on the fact that I cover, I just think that it’s plausible for every other person in the world.

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