Raya- A Photopost

Before this post is photobombed, I reckon a short description shall suffice. Our school held a raya celebration in school this morning, and as expected, it consisted of us goofing around, eating, laughing, running around, and not to mention loads of photo-taking.

Photo (c) Benei. Yours truly with Anum.
Photo (c) Benei. Yours truly, Anum, Lut and Ena.
Photo (c) Benei. Okay, I know this is blur but I kind of like it. All the prefects plus the headmistress.
Photo (c) Benei. Benei and yours truly.
Photo (c) Benei. Yours truly and Aifa.
Photo (c) Benei. Eah and Benei. (THEY ARE SO CUTE.)
Photo (c) Benei. Food!
Photo (c) Leea. Aifa, Lut, Anum.
Photo (c) Jia Huan. The Chinese kids! (The cross-legged hand-stacked pose was very much intended!)
Photo (c) Put. Fatin, yours truly and Aryna.
Photo (c) Lela. Benei and yours truly.

And then Lela brought out her Polaroid camera and started a frenzy!

Photo (c) Benei. (Up) Anum, Lela and Leea. (Down) Lut, Leea, Anum, Lela, Ena, Benei and yours truly.
Photo (c) Benei.
Photo (c) Benei. (Polaroid) Benei, Lela, yours truly and Anum at the top.
Photo (c) Benei. (Front) Lela, Ena, Benei and Anum (Back) Yours truly, Lut and Leea

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