Dark Blue & Lime Green

Okay, short post on my orthodontic visit last Friday (because I have a new one coming up).

That Friday, I was particularly excited (and admittedly nervous) about my Penang trip because I would be meeting Amanda Ng, a fellow Starstruck! writer later at Gurney Plaza. She would be the first Starstruck! writer I met in real life, and I was never good with meeting new people so I was pretty frightened, to be honest.

I changed my braces to dark blue and lime green to match my baju kurung’s colour for the upcoming school’s raya celebration.

I met up with Amanda at 12.30PM and well, it was kind of awkward (for me) at first, but I did my best to ‘de-shy’ myself, as I had promised Amanda earlier. We had lunch at Chicago Ribs after a series of “You pick what to eat!” “No, you pick!” and our conversations started off with the main thing we had in common– Starstruck! and we eventually ventured into topics concerning possible paths after graduation. This continued on as we went window shopping at Padini, Nichii and FOS before Amanda had to leave at 2PM. It wasn’t until I got into my Dad’s car before regretting not taking a photo with Amanda. Sigh.

However, it was honestly fun meeting up with Amanda, exchanging ideas and just, as Aifa would say, soksek-ing in general. Hopefully there would be more meet-ups with her in the future.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

2 thoughts on “Dark Blue & Lime Green”

  1. HEY YOU,

    Okay honestly i was beginning to think that I’d scared you off with my oscillating between talking-too-much and daydreaming. :p *relief* it was fun indeed, so much better than sejarah. and i got to put a face to the byline (and the facebook profile pic) 😀

    oh yeah we should have taken a photo together! didn’t think of it. never mind. next time. (when’s the next time you come? i’ll blackmail the other two crazy people into going, since it’ll be after our trials.)


    1. Somewhere in October (if I’m not mistaken, 20-something) for my next orthodontist appointment. But it’s not really a fuss to go to Penang so I’m okay to go to Penang any time, actually. 😀

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