Procrastination Station #3

Since Caleb has already suggested it, and this blog has been quite dead for weeks already, here is a random short story in response to Caleb’s pretty fantastic question sent to my Formspring account.

If there were a giant flying bear with laser beaming out of it’s eyes, what’d you do? Catch it with a Pokeball, draw out your lightsaber, try to telekinetically push it away with your Sylar-like abilities, or apparate away?

It was past midnight and Michelle was walking alone along Jalan Pegawai in search of something to eat to satisfy her hunger cravings when suddenly, a giant bear appeared out of nowhere and flew at her. She was ready to bring out her pepper spray to deal with this pedobear when the bear shot lasers out of its eyes, narrowly missing Michelle’s shirt hem by a few inches. And that was when she realised– this was no ordinary bear, nor was it any ordinary pedobear, either! It was the legendary Ladobear (laser-pedo-bear, yes that is the product of a creative mind)! Realising that she was caught completely offguard and thus slow in reactions, she could only Apparate each time the bear shot lasers at her. This carried on for the first few laser shots until she regained her reflexes and managed to hatch a plan in her mind.

When she reckoned she was ready, she stopped Apparating and turned around to face the bear, which caught the bear off guard. She first used her Sylar-like telekinesis ability to push the bear away, and then brought it in (catching the bear off guard TWICE) so she could slice at it with her lightsaber which she had drawn out of her hoverbelt. This carried on for five, ten times until the bear showed fatigue. Sensing her cue, Michelle picked a Pokeball from her hoverbelt and aimed it at the bear, where it stayed safely.

Michelle looked at her watch -12.41am- and groaned loudly. NOW there really was nothing left for her to eat anymore.

Yes, I’m a nerd, but at least I’m a cool nerd.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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