Two-Day Treat

As I’d already told you in my previous post, Si Pek, Si Em and Soo Ling were coming over to KL (if you don’t understand Hokkien lingo, my uncle, aunt and cousin were coming over) and I now realise that there is a perk of waking up early.

On Friday night, I considered ringing up Soo May earlier to ask if they were going anywhere now that her parents and sister were here and if I could follow them as well, but then I decided that calling her on Saturday morning would be better since it was already late. On Saturday morning, I woke up at 7 AM to go to the toilet and couldn’t go back to sleep and was it coincidence or the effect of something greater when I heard the phone vibrating (on silent mode) only to find that it was Soo May calling me to ask me whether I wanted to spend the whole two-day weekend with them and better yet, spend the night at her place? Of course I said yes. It was one of those moments when you truly believe in the existence of unicorns (because unicorns are magical and just great).

(Another instance of this unicorn-believing moment was when I went to Borders this afternoon wanting to look for Into The Wild but didn’t know the name of the author, so I wanted to use the computer archive system only to find that the system was down. Next to the monitor was a piece of paper taped to it that said: “To search for a book title, key in JANE EYRE under the ‘Title’ category. To search for a book title and its author, key in INTO THE WILD and JON KRAKAUER under the ‘Title’ and ‘Author’ category.”)

(But I still couldn’t find the book in the store so, unicorns, you guys could’ve done better.)

So I packed my stuff hurriedly and said temporary goodbyes to San Ku and Hoon Jie Jie before leaving. First stop, we went to the wet market for a quick breakfast, then, we headed for Bukit Tinggi.

We didn’t go to any specific destination at Bukit Tinggi, only to take a look at the landplaces but that was well enough. Anything’s well enough when the weather itself is well enough. We even stopped at an empty land to pick acorns (you don’t get to do that everyday now, do you?) and laughed and jumped around and treated the place as our own because there was no one around and the weather was cooling; not too cold that we needed jackets and not too hot that we had to shield our eyes.

Two gigantic bungalows at Bukit Tinggi.

After that, we had refreshments at a random restaurant as we descended the hill and had refreshments again after we descended the hill. It was my first time at Snowflake at Kota Damansara.

Yours truly and Soo May.

Then, we went home to Soo May’s apartment, had baths, watched Charlie St. Cloud and played with Lady (Soo May’s dog; also Heart’s…uh…little sister?) before paying a visit to Kevin Ko Ko at the hospital. After that, we had a fantastic dinner at Jake’s Charbroil Steaks at Damansara Heights. Everyone came home feeling great from the great food and we watched Astro (yes!) and Drew (no!) get kicked out from X Factor before we went to sleep.

There’s this quote from Fight Club that goes, “If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?” This quote is relevant to this morning, despite the fact that I did not wake up at a different time and in a different place. (But I’ve never spent the night at Soo May’s place before so ‘different place’ application here, and I’ve never really woken up that early on a weekend, either [the previous morning doesn’t count] so ‘different time’ application here. God, it’s so hard to explain in words so just accept it and pretend that I make sense, okay?)

We drove into KL early in the morning to this renowned yet small Chinese kopitiam famous for its pork rolls. And I really do mean it when I use the term ‘renowned’ because when we got there, there was literally a long queue outside of the kopitiam and the kopitiam itself was full to the brim (even strangers had to share tables). We had to wait about 10 minutes before we were seated.

After that, Soo May took us around Bangsar to drool over the enormous houses. Then, we went to The Curve and did some shopping at Padini’s and Soo May got me a pair of red ribbon earrings as an early Christmas present. Then I did some Christmas shopping myself at Borders. We wandered around The Curve for a while before going to Ikea where Si Pek shopped for his Christmas tree.

That’s three ‘Christmases’ in that paragraph alone. I am just so excited for Christmas.

We then had late lunch at Burger King at Mutiara Damansara and verdict: the burgers shrank, the drinks tasted and smelled of perfume and the service was frustrating.

After that, we went home (home in this case means Soo May’s apartment) where Soo May and I spent an hour playing her Xbox and burning our fats at the same time. I couldn’t move at all after that hour.

When I could move, Soo May sent me back here, to San Ku’s house and so here I am, blogging about the best weekend I’ve ever had. I wish it could’ve gone on longer than two days but platypus.

Work at a brand new department alone tomorrow! *does a 300 spartan charge*

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