LOOK! SNOW! (Internship Day Six to Nine)

What? What are these weird white spots drifting down my computer screen? Is it…snow?

Well, my golly, it sure is! And what does snow mean?


And what does winter mean?


Yes, the festive mood is in the air! Old blog readers will notice that I had the snow function turned on as well last December. Now you know why WordPress rules: you get free snow on your blog every December if you’re on WordPress. How badass.

Also, theme change. I changed to this new theme with a darker backdrop so you can see the snow more clearly. I will change it back to Manifest (that’s the totally-white, header-equipped theme I used previously) on the 4th of January when the snow function ends.

Okay, now for those who want to know why I don’t blog about my internship everyday now. I have finally won the battle against my OCD (who wants a post per day) to give you a post per week. Reasons why I don’t want a post per day:

  • Easier for me
  • Less annoying for you

I often come home from work in no mood to write a blogpost, so I’m only going to write about my entire week during the weekends. Which starts today. TGIF, man, TGIF.

Internship Day Six- 29/11, Tuesday

All four of us were divided into two groups again: Min Hui & Paik Suan, Claire and I. Min Hui and Paik Suan followed Yvonne to an event attended by the Minister of Tourism, Dato’ Sri Ng Yen Yen, while Claire and I followed Terrence to an event attended by -le gasp!- Datin Seri Paduka Rosmah Mansor. Before setting off, we did some stalking (or intense researching, as Paik Suan likes to put it) on Rosmah Mansor’s part and needless to say, it was scandalous, indeed.

It took us an hour to arrive at Hulu Langat, where the Girl Guides’ Selangor ‘Turun Padang’ Closing Ceremony officiated by Rosmah Mansor herself was held. By the time we arrived, I was already dizzy with motion sickness, so you know the ride wasn’t really a nice one. It wasn’t Terrence’s fault though. That’s the peculiar thing about my motion sickness, it comes as it likes under any circumstance at all. I even get motion sickness staying at home. This is not your average motion sickness.

But the next hour proved to be entertaining, although, I don’t think I was supposed to be entertained. I don’t think I should write down what exactly happened that proved to be entertainment to me here because my blog is easily Google-able (hahahahahahahahahahahahaha) but if you want to know, ask me next time when we meet and I’ll tell you.

Then, it was another hour-ride back to Menara Star but I felt better this time. We had great conversations with Terrence in the car about movies, TV shows, books, anime, celebrities, books, future careers, KL geography, and did I mention books?

Here, have a photo of Rosmah Mansor:

Internship Day Seven- 30/11, Wednesday

Internship Day Seven is practically crossed off the list. I didn’t go to work that Wednesday because there were still remnants of the previous day’s nausea. It was horrible. I did nothing except sleep the whole day, and when I felt better, I spent the rest of the whole day on Hyperbole And A Half and The Oatmeal.

Internship Day Eight- 1/12, Thursday

That morning, Shah (the associate editor of newsdesk, remember?) gave all of us interns words of advice, about how we should fully use our senses to gain knowledge; because that’s the race we should never give up on: the race to gain knowledge. Then, we were given an assignment to attend a press conference conducted by Datuk Michael Chong at the MCA building. We were led by Shaun, a different senior journalist.

The press conference was held at the Public Services and Complaints Department and there were three cases that afternoon: a woman was charged an exorbitant amount of money for her towed-away car, and the other two were missing person cases; one involved a mentally challenged 37-year-old and another a 14-year-old teenage girl. I really can’t say anything here for reasons similar to the aforementioned Rosmah Mansor event, so ask me this again when you see me. It was equally entertaining and frustrating. I am never going near the Malaysian political field again.

Internship Day Nine- 2/12, Friday

It feels weird to be working on a Friday. Friday’s normally let’s-do-nothing-but-have-fun day back in Alor Setar.

Nevertheless, it was our last day at the newsdesk department and, well, it was quite a sad moment when the realisation hit us because we won’t really be seeing Yvonne or Esther or the other journalists and OCs we’ve grown used to seeing every weekday anymore.

Today’s assignment was another event involving Ng Yen Yen at the National Art Gallery. It was an opening ceremony for Malaysian artist Ali ‘Mabuha’ Rahamad’s art exhibition. Before the ceremony started, we took a look at all of Ali Mabuha’s works and they were disturbing, to be frank. There was a section in which there was a particularly dark and depressing theme to it and Yvonne, Min Hui and I more or less made our own logical interpretations of the art pieces. I wanted to point out that moment because I felt…different after our interpretations. Like there’s something hidden from my sight all along. Artists, how do their brains work?

Then came the highlight of the day, an incident that sent us laughing all the way back to Menara Star. There was this Orlando Bloom lookalike at the gallery and at first sight, Min Hui and Paik Suan started flailing. After that, it was a case of well, stalking Orlando Bloom lookalike all the way into the gallery on the first floor, then out of the gallery, then into the gallery on the second floor, then out of the gallery again, and then waiting near the table where he sat at to have lunch while pretending to be playing Temple Run (that would be Min Hui). I swear, we are such hormonal teenage girls. Back in the car, we told Yvonne about our stalking quest and she just laughed at us and the laughter never ended all the way to Menara Star. It was great.

And that was the end of the days of working at newsdesk. Next stop: education department.

Did I mention that Si Pek, Si Em and Soo Ling are coming to KL tomorrow? Yes!

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2 thoughts on “LOOK! SNOW! (Internship Day Six to Nine)”

  1. Finally, we get to read abt your weeks’ activities, glad u enjoyed your “work”, take good care of yourself over there. love, mum and dad.

  2. sweetie we1 missed u so much, we shall be going to Taiwan on the 11/12 till 19/12, u properly be on ur way to the camp then so we see u when u get back together with soo may. have good & enjoyable time at the camp

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