Chasing Cars Around Our Heads

30 more days. Let the games begin.

You know what’s magical? Snow Patrol, Birdy’s voice, clouds and Thursdays.

As usual, an apologetic explanation for my absence: I had exams last week and right after that, I fell sick. Again. That’s right, I fell sick twice in two weeks. I had food poisoning on Saturday, two days after exams ended, and until now, I still experience random bursts of nausea every now and then. It might sound like I’m pregnant but believe me, the only thing(s) I’m impregnated with right now are SPM facts which I cannot wait to deliver (and get absolute rid of) in nine months’ time.

As you can obviously see, Careful Confessions has been through an overhauling. Besides the theme and background change, I have also taken down the rating option for posts, as well as edited my about me and booklist page. I’ve also added this page to keep track of published works from my one-month stint at The Star last year. Quite a lot of effort has been put in to make this seem like a more personal blog to constantly remind myself not to stray too far away from what I don’t want to be, as clichéd as that sounds.

Life hasn’t changed. School has been busier than ever, especially with all the catching up since my absences from school. However, recently, I’ve been hit by an unexpected and totally random science fetish. If you follow me on my other social websites, you’ll know that I have occasional art fetishes which isn’t strange despite my inability to produce any kind of art worth admiring as I drew comics a lot when I was younger but this…science. The one word that can induce headaches at the very mention of it since last year, has now been an object of interest. And you know what? I blame SciShow and CrashCourse for this. (John and Hank Green, I owe you both my life for this.) Things are different when they turn from dull diagrams on white sheets of notes to vibrant animations in action. Suddenly, wave motions make perfect sense and are actually quite wonderful. The traits of carbon compounds give you insight into the brilliance of the existences of building blocks that make up everything and everyone. Sometimes, you even stop for a second to marvel at the way your heart works. Like what I said in my previous post, everything becomes clearer and more incredible when you realise that what we are learning are actually real, are actually ordinary daily phenomenons around us that work in extraordinary ways.

Of course, ask me again if I think waves are amazing and splendid in two months’ time and all you’ll probably get is a snap to shut your trap. Ah, the wonderful Malaysian education system that manages to turn every high school student into an emotionless robot.

On a way happier note, The Hunger Games movie officially releases in 30 days! What’s more, I’ll be watching it with Ann-Marie in Penang. This is probably the only thing on my Anticipation List.

Now that this post is made, I think it’s safe to conclude that my blogging muse has returned. Time to get this spiffy white blog page moving!

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

3 thoughts on “Chasing Cars Around Our Heads”

  1. Michelle, I’m glad to see you have the muse back and hopefully will be posting more often. Hunger Games looks like a movie I could enjoy and I have added it to my Netflix queue. Don’t forget dinner tomorrow night!

  2. You’re watching The Hunger Games with Ann?! Gah, I just read the book yesterday and suddenly everyone is talking about it. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY! Hahah have fun then. 😀

    1. If you have read Hunger Games then you should know HOW GREAT IT IS, RIGHT????
      And yeah, I am. Cus I’ll be at Penang when the movie releases and Ann suggested we watch it together. 😀

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