Her White Blank Page

You did not think when you sent me to the brink, to the brink

Human emotions, such fickle objects to exist in a universe as vast and complicated as this; yet it’s the one true thing that drives us through life, helping us make decisions, create portrayals of people from our surroundings in our minds. So fickle, they leap to and fro as they like, and when you try to stop these changes from happening, you stop for a moment, and you realise you can’t because you yourself have already changed and once you change, you can’t change back.

They say you can’t change other people; you can only change how you feel towards other people. And maybe it’s true, maybe you’re not the one who has changed, maybe I’m the one who changed, and thus that would change how I feel towards you. And maybe it’s your fault, and maybe it’s mine. Do we really have any say in this? Is there a right and wrong in this? Are human emotions presentable in black and white after all?

So maybe I’m making a decision, a decision driven by my emotions, no less. It may be a decision I come to regret or appreciate in the future, but unlike the sea, this place is not a good place to think about the future. So I shall let you go, and you will be gone from my life, taking a segment of my heart I have reserved for everyone in my life together with your departing shadow.

Thanks for the memories, they were good while they lasted.

Published by

Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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