Buka Puasa at Pengetua’s

This post is a week late but I’m still going to blog about it anyway because it was one of the best nights of my life.

Last Tuesday, Etiqah invited the whole of 5 Negeri and a few others from other classes (a total of 30 students) to her house (aka our school’s headmistress’ house) for a buka puasa event.

So by 6pm, everyone gathered at the school porch and we set off for Et’s house in a bus.

Et’s house was at Jitra, so it was a half hour’s journey ride until we reached her enormous house. And then things got wild.

(Well, not in a bad way.)

Mastura, yours truly and Beneh

While waiting to buka puasa, we explored the house, played with Et’s kittens, took loads of photographs, goofed around, talked really loudly and basically treated the house as our own. It was great because everyone knew everyone and for once, all of us were in an environment in which we weren’t obligated to jot down notes, complete exercises and study. It was a moment of zero stress. It was a moment of fun.

And then it was 7.38pm and it was time to break fast!

There was rice, chicken curry, beef, prawns, chicken sticks and kuih, prepared by our very own headmistress, if I’m not mistaken.

Yours truly, Beneh, Laiyy and Huda the cat
Yours truly and Laiyy
Being bullied by Laiyy, Wahed and Mas
Yours truly and Laiyy
Yours truly and twin, Beneh

And did I mention it was Laiyy’s birthday as well? Because it was and we even had cake!

Laiyy and cake
Laiyy and the headmistress in which the headmistress gave her a birthday present

And then soon, at around 10pm it was time and everyone headed home in the same bus we came with.

Everyone was more or less already knocked out in the bus so it was a quiet journey home. Despite feeling the fullest and most tired I’ve ever been, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and here’s a note to Et: don’t hesitate to invite us over for another event like this again.

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