Some Opinions About Opinions

So here’s the thing. I like a band which people either extremely love or extremely hate.

Perfectly symmetrical, perfectly normal. Hatred and dislike must exist to complement love and adoration.

I also understand that different people have different opinions, and that we are a species who like to express their opinions publicly. And that’s all very fine, until people start to direct those hateful comments towards you. Multiple times.

Would you believe me if I said I’ve gotten a fair amount of disdain comments ever since I started liking One Direction? It’s gotten to the point that admitting one likes One Direction is an invitation to sneers and teases. Disliking someone for their horrible attitudes is one thing, disliking someone for their music tastes? I don’t get it? Someone enlighten the dusty corners of my mind which fail to allocate the logic to this?

To emphasise, everyone has their different opinions, different tastes in music, different tastes in men or women, different tastes in clothes, different tastes in pizzas et cetera and it’s okay to say you like this or you like that or you dislike this or you dislike that and then you know what you should do after that? You should shut up about it. Imagine sitting through dinner listening to someone telling everyone, “Hey, you know what? I hate doorstoppers.” “Don’t you think doorstoppers are so, like, irrelevant?” “Doorstoppers? More like doorstupid! Haha!” “You like doorstoppers? Ew! Are you okay!” “Lord help me, why do so many people like doorstoppers, I just don’t get it?” “Listen, I think y’all need a brainwash, doorstoppers are so not cool.”

UM OKAY?????? I think we all get it that you dislike something but don’t go around flaunting your dislike like it’s a shiny trophy everyone wants to kiss. Spare us all your wit and let us get on with our lives while you struggle through yours. Maybe if you put as much dedication into fixing that habit of yours as you do in your spiteful comments, everyone (yes, including you! Oh my God! Shocking!) might lead happier lives.

Oh, you want another example closer to reality? Say you know someone who likes K-pop (this is a non-biased example because I don’t like K-pop). You follow him/her on Twitter and are friends with him/her on Facebook. Heck, even if you live next door with him/her, and all you see on your timeline and newsfeed and listen to from the neighbouring house is K-pop, why would you mention them/post on their wall/scream at them through the gate that it is WRONG for them to like something which makes them happy and is practically none of your business huh huh why don’t you keep your opinions to yourself. Or a better and simpler idea would be to unfollow or unfriend or move if you really can’t stand it.

So what if I like a British boyband who sings teenage boppy songs that they don’t write themselves? So what if I like to read YA books? So what if I eat cereal for supper? So what because you don’t have a say in any of this!!!!!!!

I’ve been to many and Youtube pages where people leave hateful comments at an artist’s page. If you really hate someone so much why would you even go to his/her page to criticise them? Are you trying to make a point because I don’t see one. Whenever someone does that, I imagine a poor little kid in his or her dark room with the lights off shedding tears over how completely offended he or she is by this band or musician or tv show or movie or actor or ice cream flavour that she clicks on their offensive fanpages and starts typing “VANILLA ICE CREAM IS THE WORST ICE CREAM EVER!!!!!!!! F A C T!!!!!! ALSO U R UGLY” with such intensity that it sends vibrations throughout the table as the kid blows into his or her tissue for the twelfth time.

Do you want to be the crying kid in the dark room? Do you?

People are people; you are you; they are them. You are not them, they are not you, neither do you control them nor they you. The world is made up of various and vastly different things, we can’t all expect everyone to like the same things we do. It’s the 21st century, people should be able to like whatever they want without receiving destructive and pointless criticism.

From the mouth of Thumper himself, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”

You know who else agrees with me? My friends Mei Lee, Mark Foster (1) (2) and Ed Sheeran (1) (2).

I’m sorry if I offended anyone but I’m just sick and tired of people’s constant judgments about something that doesn’t concern them at all. You might think this post seems hypocritical but at least I’m not shoving my opinion down anyone’s throat.

Published by

Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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