I have never been so happy and glad that the weekend is finally here. This entire week has slugged by so, so slowly that my entire body literally feels heavy from the weight of this entire week.

For the clueless, I had and am still having my SPM trials since the starting of this week until the 11th of September. The first week of trials was especially tiring, because they managed to cram six subjects (thirteen papers) in the span of five days. So it was an entire week of not writing at all during Raya holidays and going back to school writing ten pages a day. Not to mention that all subjects were heavy subjects (BM, English, History, Moral, Chemistry, Biology), so there was literally no time to sit down and rest because before you’ve even finished revising for tomorrow’s paper, you start worrying about the day after tomorrow’s paper and it’s been so hectic and exhausting and I haven’t even told you the best thing out of all of this yet.

I fell sick the night before the first day of trials. The traditional combination of fever, inflamed tonsils and flu. So I went to school feeling like passing out in the middle of all my papers and spent several restless nights having nightmares about falling asleep in the middle of a test and not being able to finish a paper in time while waking up in the middle of the night with snot clogging up my respiratory tubes.

But that’s over and done now and at least I can take a breather today so after I finish up this post, I’m going to finish The Da Vinci Code while listening to Ben Howard on loop.

Trials aside, some of my friends and I got to thinking randomly the other day that we only have three months left in school. Technically, we only have two months because the last month will be spent sitting for SPM and I don’t think that counts at all. Two months. Two months. Where have the times gone? (WOW no I definitely didn’t mean to sound like I quoted that Maroon 5 song but I guess that’s what you’re already thinking anyway.) No like honestly, I’ve been in this school for five years? And I’m leaving soon? And I’m leaving my home and my parents and everything in Alor Setar soon? What?

Two months suddenly doesn’t seem like enough time to…well, I don’t know, to spend time properly here I guess because two months will definitely fly by so quickly, not to mention that in those two months I’ll definitely be extremely busy and occupied with SPM so time will zoom past in the blink of an eye and I don’t want that to happen. I want a proper, dramatic and impactful goodbye like how Holden Caulfield would want it to be. I don’t want to treat leaving Alor Setar as a mere rite of passage, so I’ve decided to start this sort-of project called Collecting Memories (I’m sorry for the cheesiness I thought of it in the middle of Biology paper 1 okay) which involves creating a journal to have people in school write in their honest goodbyes to me before these two months are up. I might possibly also write letters to some people so at least, you know, they’ll have impactful goodbyes too. And yes, I know what you’re thinking, that this will probably end up like one of my abandoned projects again (remember Project More and my 50 books in 2012 challenge? Well at least I’m almost halfway through the latter, I’ve read 25 books so far) but I promise you I will try my best to make this project work.

Speaking of letters, I’ve been having a letter fetish lately, evident in my sending letters to Sakina, Mei, Ellie, Effie, Elya and Paik Suan a few weeks ago. I got a reply letter from Paik Suan last week and as she had requested in aforementioned letter, I’m posting a photo of it here:

Paik Suan’s very colourful and lovely letter with honorary mentions of Tom Daley and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Paik Suan, if you’re reading this, I know I promised to write you back last week but trials have been maddening so I will write your reply today. As in now.

That’s all folks!

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