Friday Feels

Today was MTV’s Video Music Awards 2012 and my babies bagged three Moonmen for Best New Artist, Best Pop Video and Most Share-Worthy Video.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to win a Moonman for you guys,” said Harry Styles during Hasbro’s twitcam yesterday, not knowing that they will be winning all the awards in the categories they were nominated in.

Look how far they’ve come! And they deserve every bit of what they have now. It’s their year, it’s their goddamned well-deserved year and I’m just so, so proud of them.

Okay that’s enough 1D feels for a blogpost, all my 1D feels are usually directed to my tweets but I’m overwhelmed with feels today so I hope you won’t mind this leakage.

Apart from that, I also got my car today. Yes, my car. MY CAR. I HAVE A CAR!

Introducing the Harry Mobile (credit to Thira for helping me to come up with that ingenious name)!

It’s no Mini Cooper, but it’s very well-conditioned and has a built-in CD player (I’m sorry, I’m just very happy this car comes with a built-in CD player) and is just wonderful and great and very nice and THANK YOU DADDY THANK YOU MUMMY!

Hands itching to get on the steering wheel, I gave the Harry Mobile a test drive around the neighbourhood:

And yes, that is me in a pair of pajama bottoms, I don’t wanna talk about it.

Okay you want more feels today? Recently, Soo May Jie Jie told me she had two media passes to go watch The Wanted live at Sunway Lagoon and I got so excited, thinking the show was on 14th of September, a Friday, hence I’d be able to attend the concert but it turns out it’s actually on the 17th, a Monday, and also so very coincidentally the day I will be sitting for my JPJ driving test.

Figure out the math by yourself. But don’t talk to me about it. Ever. Discussion about The Wanted’s concert is strictly forbidden within a mile radius of my presence.


THIS is a video recorded by my friend Mackenzie from yesterday’s Hasbro twitcam aka the video in which Harry Styles says hi to Michelle aka ME

And that’s all folks! Let’s get this trials thing over and done with in four days, shall we?

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