Braceface No More

This post is long overdue so I shall hurry through it. I hate doing this but that’s my fault for a week’s worth of procrastination. (I wish I could use “I was too busy studying for SPM” as an excuse but I wouldn’t want to be a liar.)

Last Thursday, I went to Penang to finally get my braces off. The process took very little time, and soon those metal wires that had held my teeth captive for almost three years now were gone, replaced by the foreignness of having nothing on my teeth. The feeling was so strange I couldn’t stop running my tongue over them the entire day and admiring them every time I stumbled upon a mirror.

My scary transition from crooked yellow teeth (2009) to fairly straight whites (2012)

My parents and I spent the night and my uncle’s because I had to collect my retainers the very next morning.

And when I did, I swear, you’ve never known pain until you’ve met these little alien-like…things.

And that’s it! The end of my braceface journey. It was certainly a colourful one, but ultimately I’m glad to have finish it.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

6 thoughts on “Braceface No More”

  1. hai michelle,
    i wish to hv the treatment at Looi orthodontic too. i wanna know that do i need to make an appointment before i go to clinic or i can go there directly??

  2. hahha…yaya..i need the office number..^^do u know their working hours?

    another question..HIHI…do u did the extraction for the whole treatment?

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