Hi there reader. So I did some thinking at work today. And I realised that maybe I can understand how Taylor Swift feels whenever she gets into a(nother) relationship. And maybe I can probably relate to her a little in that department.

Whoa whoa whoa. Is she seriously saying that she understands Taylor Swift?

Well, just thinking aloud here, but I think the reason why Taylor falls into a relationship so easily is because she loves the idea of romanticism, or in simpler words, as quoted in an image in one of my previous posts, the idea of being loved. Of course, this might not be perfectly true and Taylor, if you’re reading this, please don’t write a song about me. Even though we have not been in a relationship. Okay this is getting very strange now.

I’m just saying that just like (my idea of) Taylor Swift, I very often mistake my love for being cared for as love for a certain person, and very often, it’s not such a good thing because that’s not how it’s supposed to work, is it?

Whoa!!!!! Is she talking about “love” and “relationships” now??? Well, this is uncharted territory!!!

I know!!!! I’m just about as baffled as you are, but don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming…because I am growing up and oh my God, this is where all the grown up stuff come into my life now.

Am I writing this post as an indirect message to someone? No. Am I writing this post to imply something? No. Just merely thinking out loud on a late night because what else is there to do? Ha

Published by

Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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