The Past Two Days

Dear reader, it’s currently 12:34AM, not that it holds any relevance to the content of this post, but I guess it serves as a warning for random typos or blurbs that might seem out of place in this post.

“So why are you blogging at this hour?” you ask. Because hours past midnight are the best hours to blog about stuff that has happened. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Yesterday, the 9th of March was my last day working at Popular and despite the fact that it’s a breather from the long working hours and endless queues of customers, I was having working goggles (if you get the reference) the entire day. At the end of the day, I even got resignation gifts from several (ex-)colleagues, so if you’re reading this, hi, and thank you. Even if you didn’t get me any gifts, hi, and thank you, anyway. The (both pleasant and unpleasant) experiences I’ve gained from this two-month part time job were priceless and given the chance, I’d do it all over again.

Now didn’t that sound too dramatic. This is what I meant when I said this is the optimum blogging hour.

I also got a new phone, an iPhone 5, to be precise. I’ve named it Quentin Jacobsen, after a fictional character from John Green’s Paper Towns because why break the tradition of naming your phone after a fictional book character (my previous phone’s name was Malfoy; I guess his father will hear about this)? Needless to say, I am currently in love with the HD of it all and also the 1080p video quality and also the general speed of the functionality of the phone after using my old phone for three years.

This morning, I went back to school for a mini education fair and there wasn’t much but it was nice to be back at school, meeting my old classmates and schoolmates and the juniors and teachers. It’s incredible how much I miss school, and I don’t mean the lessons or the exams or the homework even though they’re technically a part of what “school” is defined as but just being there as a student in the school made me want to don on the school uniform and carry on as I had for the past five years.

Later that night, four hours ago to be precise, I had a mini reunion with the “Popular clique”, Pei Xin, Tan, Wei Jing and Yong Jie at Pann Kitchen, a Japanese restaurant where Chew Jie and Yuen Ming are working at. Killing two birds with one stone, basically, although that is an unreasonably barbaric simile now that I think of it. Just thought I’d throw this in to make this post complete.

And that’s what you missed, on Michelle’s Terrifyingly Exciting Life.

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