Lifescouts: Sunrise, Sydney Opera House, Picnic, Fishing, CPR & Swimming Badges


Well, to be honest, I’ve never actually seen a proper, real, genuine sunrise before. The only time I was even remotely close to witnessing a sunrise was when I was at Eight Acres, Pahang for a Young News Network camp. My group and I had woken up in the wee hours of the morning just to try to get footages of the sunrise but as we waited at the porch with our camera equipment ready and all, we realised that we weren’t going to be getting what we had wanted after all because it started raining at about 6AM. So technically, yes, we did witness a sunrise, just not, well, a visual one.


I went to Sydney, Australia for the first time when I was eight years old, thus you would forgive me if I cannot remember the exact details of the trip. What I do remember though, is visiting the Sydney Opera House, but get this, we didn’t even enter the House. I don’t remember but I think we weren’t allowed inside if there weren’t any events going on inside. But we did take photos outside of it, so I guess that counts.

I think I’m cheating the system here. All the badges I claim to have are for half-assed achievements that aren’t even complete.


OKAY, this is a real, full-assed complete one. Last year, to celebrate Leea, Anum and Lela’s birthday altogether, my gang and I went to Taman Jubli Emas for a picnic. There were doughnuts, pizza, cookies, spaghetti etc and it was splendid. We picnicked by the lake until the sun set and I even filmed a video of our time there but somehow I’ve lost it but here’s a photo collage by Beneh:

The first (and currently, last) time I went fishing it wasn’t by using a contemporary fishing rod by a lake or pond or anything. My first time fishing was on a fishing boat in the middle of the sea using the traditional bottle and string method. My uncle and aunt had flown down (or up? Geography what is that) from England so my dad and my other uncle thought it’d be fun to bring them fishing the traditional way. Needless to say, our catch at the end of the day was non-existent, but it sure was fun.

Yours truly, Aunty Sue, Sa Pek and my dad in front


Okay, another half-assed one. I’ve never actually done real CPR to a real person before but I took a CPR course once for St. John’s and I did CPR to a dummy and I passed and yep

I started learning swimming at the age of 11, with Jia Yuan at ASRC. It was a 12-lesson schedule held every week, and I remembered it being one of the highlights of my primary school life. At first I was a flailing fledgling (say that ten times fast) but in the end, I turned out to love it. It always made me peaceful, even now, whenever I go swimming– except of course when there are a lot of people around screaming and shouting and bumping into random body parts (um).

And you have reached the end of this post! Phew!

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