Home! For A Week Now

Yes, yes, I’m a terrible blogger, no need to remind me about that. I come home for a week and don’t bother to update anything about my life here. Not even to say if I arrived home safely! But I think that’s general knowledge since I’ve already stated in my previous posts that they were written on Malaysian soil. But still! The novelty has vanished, sigh.

I arrived at Penang International Airport at 8PM on the 27th of May Malaysian time where I was greeted by my parents and Si Pek plus his family. We had dinner (LOCAL FOOD OMG) at a Chinese hawker centre and in the space of that hour everything felt so FOREIGN. The weather -the WEATHER oh my god it was so HOT- and the tall, dull grey buildings and the cars and it just felt so WEIRD. Returning home was even weirder. You know those moments when you just feel so dazed that you don’t know what to do or what’s happening? Yeah this was one of those moments. I guess it was one thing to go to a foreign place altogether and then return to a familiar place but feel that that is foreign. So I started crying for a while, which was silly, in retrospect, but I guess I was just kind of confused at the time.

There was also the issue of the yawning gap of seven hours between the English and Malaysian timezones. For the first three of four days, I went to bed at 5/6AM and woke up in the afternoon. It’s improving, thank goodness, but it’s almost made me nocturnal. And then there’s the thing of sleeping in itself. I don’t know if anyone else who has ever slept in cold climates have ever noticed this but I find it more comfortable to sleep in colder climates. Obviously, right, Michelle thanks for being captain obvious. Over there, it was like a natural air-conditioner and not a machine that, like, expels artificial air, I guess. I don’t really know how to explain it but basically, what I’m trying to say is sleeping in English weather is nicer than sleeping in Malaysian weather!!!

Next on my list (because I always, always have a list duh) is the manners of the general public. Being in England was so nice mostly because of the people. You enter a shop, they say hello. You leave, they say thank you. You can’t sneeze in public without getting a “bless you”. And basically, people say “thank you” for everything. So I became the same. I started to say “thank you” and “sorry” for every single thing and then I when I was aboard the plane from KL to Penang, I said “thank you” to someone who had allowed me to walk out into the aisle first and all I got was a pretty grumpy face. That made me feel nostalgic for England a little bit more.

The last difference, and it might not be a wholly important one to anyone else, is the fact that I can’t watch Dan and Phil’s live radio shows and liveshows anymore. Well, I can, but then I’d have to stay up till 2AM. Which, considering my current altered timezone, shouldn’t be quite a problem but still, theoretically!!! We’re not in the same timezones anymore, and it makes me feel left out once more.

I slipped back into routine rather quickly though, as now I have another, well, date to look forward to, aka the date I enter college. Scary yet exciting all at once. I’m considering a new category to sort my college posts into on this blog. I feel like I’m going to embark on a different journey.

It’s also June now! Which means it’s birthday month. 🙂

I’ve also cut my hair!


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