Frequently Asked Questions About My College Future (aka FAQAMCF)

Two posts in one day. And this is why, kids, you should never put off blogging because the guilt will just well up in you and you find yourself writing multiple posts a day.

Where are you going to study?

Sunway College in PJ.

Are you taking a scholarship?

Yes, I’m taking the Ministry of Education (almost said “Magic” there) SPM Bursary.

What are you studying?

A Levels.

What subjects are you taking?

Not entirely sure yet, but probably a combination of law, economics, math and (blank).

*Edit: I’ve decided to take physics, chemistry, math and economics. WHOA what a contrast, right? The Sunway admin advised me against taking law despite the fact that I wish to pursue a law degree; that’s because we found out you didn’t have to take subjects that related to your degree. Nuts, I know. So why the science subjects if I don’t want to go down the science path? We also found out humanities subjects gives you lower points in your UCAS application and would put you in a disadvantage. Also, should I ever change my mind in the long run, I’m still able to switch to science stream. I can’t take law as a subject anyway so I might as well do this.

How long is your course?

Two years.

*Edit: You can only take two years if you’re taking pure science subjects. So now I’m taking one and a half year. Aw sad.

Why (not take one and a half year)?

Because if I take one a half year, I’ll finish my A levels in November and since I want to enrol in a university in UK, I’d have to wait nine more months for the English intake in September so I might as well do two years.

*Edit: Refer above.

Where will you be staying?

The Sunway Monash residences.

*Edit: No edits here, just wanted to comment that my room is pretty freaking cool.

Why don’t you go to Taylor’s?

[Controversy warning] Because I prefer a different environment from Taylor’s also Sunway offers free accommodation and book vouchers for bursary scholars.

When are you going to start studying?

3rd of July.

I think that’s about it for now. So there you have all your questions answered!


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7 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions About My College Future (aka FAQAMCF)”

  1. hey… not to be a stalker or anything but I’m taking the same course as you… hope to see you there!!! =)

  2. Hi! I’m going to Sunway under the bursary too, although I’m not taking exactly the same combination haha.. Hope to see u there on the 3rd of July =)

  3. Oh, you’re going to Sunway under bursary next week too??
    I just want to ask how did you apply for the 2-year programme?
    My offer letter from Sunway stated the duration is 18 months…
    Can you please explain?

    1. Yep! (Fifth person!) I’m not taking the 2-year programme, I think I forgot to mention, because you can only take the 2-year programme if you take pure science subjects. Sorry about that!

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