Expanding and Exploring

I went to PJ on Thursday and Friday, with my parents. A lot of people thought I would start college then, but no, I was just looking around the place where I would be studying and staying at. Always good to know new environments beforehand before you completely dive into it. Also, there are a few edits in my previous post concerning FAQAMCF which you might be interested to know.

The whole college environment and having a college room to yourself was very…foreign. Everything was so brand new and different it felt surreal. The people, especially. One of the admins advised me to “make friends with KL people as they have different mentalities” and while I have many KL friends already myself, I still wonder how it’d be like to live with these people for 18 months. Quite daunting, if you ask me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to adapt. I know I did a one month internship at The Star but this was different. We weren’t a tight knit group. Not really. And these weren’t people I knew beforehand. Again, pretty intimidating.

But the prospect of having a whole college room to myself is pretty exciting, I should say. Also daunting, but nice, because I can decorate it however I like and it’s something own. Mine. Makes me feel pretty adult-ish and independent. I don’t know, honestly. The whole going to college thing makes me feel excited and scared at the same time. Ready and unready. I can’t tell. It’s a mixture of both.

Oh well, just like the title suggests, it’s time I expand my horizons and explore the world, right? Well, I did a fair share of exploring the United Kingdom, maybe I should explore my own country, too.

My birthday is in 27 minutes! Friendly reminder, guys.


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2 thoughts on “Expanding and Exploring”

  1. Hello. I’m also going to sunway college under bursary soon. I’m coming from Johor so I have no kl friends although most of my relatives are living in kl. I know kl people are different, in terms of language (I dun speak Cantonese) , but I never knew that they have different ‘mentalities’! A bit scared that I will experience some sorts of culture shock…haha. What exactly is the difference between them and people from other states?

    1. Hello! Fourth person, now. 😛 I don’t know how to speak Cantonese either, but I think if you know English that should be rather okay in itself. Haha I’m not sure if I’m the right person to counsel you on this as I’m from Kedah, but I have a number of KL friends and well, people in KL are generally more confident, brave and liberal?

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