A New Chapter

I FINALLY HAVE THE TIME AND INTERNET TO BLOG!!! [cues cheering and confetti]

If any of you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, then you might know that it’s hard to get Internet here. My hostel (or, as I like to call it, apartment) has no wifi and even though we’ve been given a broadband USB thingy each, we’ve had to wait for quite some time for it to be activated so so far, I’ve been depending on daily data plans and campus wifi, both on my phone only. Needless to say, blogging on my phone is a terrible idea and would lead to many typos and JUST ISN’T THE RIGHT BLOGGING PLATFORM but finally. Today. After a week here, I have access to a proper computer and the Internet simultaneously.

So where am I? You might ask. I’m currently sat in the Multimedia Zone of the college library spending the one-hour break between classes. It kind of is too late to give a day by day recap of my life since moving here so I will just give a summary of it, and I think that would more than suffice.

The first day of my life here officially started when I checked into the Sunway Monash Residence about 15 minutes from the Sunway campus. I am roommates with six other girls: Yi Jing, Rumin and Pei Ying, all from Keat Hwa, Alor Setar; Zi Tian and Qiu Jing, from Ipoh and Megan, from Sepang. It’s funny because Megan emailed me before I went to KL after she found out from my blog that I was going to Sunway too. And now we’re roommates. The world is weird.

Anyway, the first few days were pretty emotional because of being separated from my parents and home and not being able to adapt that quickly yet, but the starting of orientation managed to help get my mind off those problems, at the very least. I’d expected orientation to be a huge bore but I was pleasantly surprised. The faculty and students here are proving to be okay and some even sporting so far, and that’s good. My orientation lasted for three days and during the weekend, I woke up in the afternoon and did my laundry. And frequented Sunway Pyramid which was about 25 minutes from our residence. All time-distance mentioned here will be referring to walking distance, in case you didn’t know that, because who would want to drive in KL, that is the question.

Classes officially started yesterday, and I’m taking the A Level combination of Math, Physics, Chemistry and Econs. As a result, me and Zi Tian were sorted into Group 3 and it’s pretty evident this combination isn’t exactly a popular combination as there is only 24 people in my group. No matter. Not complaining at all. It’s been alright so far, save for the few times when I despised my timetable for making me wake up so early (my classes are from 8.15 to 3.10 daily) and I despised myself for forgetting so many things I’d learned during Form 5.

But otherwise, life in Sunway College is pretty cool. No, I’m not being paid to write that, although that would be pretty awesome. The facilities and events here induce a cultural shock in me once in a while, but that’s okay. As I’d told Yi Jing, we went from having nothing in our old school to having everything in our new school. It’s pretty exciting and sometimes I wish to JOIN ALL THE THINGS!!! But I fear for my grades as well so currently I’m just planning to join ALSTAR (A Level Student Ambassadors) and Explore (a programme that exposes you to various talks and extra-curricular activities). I’m also putting joining the Film Society and Performing Arts Society on hold but you know, the arty side of me constantly calls for my attention.

Living on my own in KL is also a pain in the arse in the sense that I have to constantly worry about what I’m going to eat for lunch and dinner. It’s terrible because there aren’t many choices and the closest choices are the most expensive choices and going to Sunway Pyramid daily has almost made me nauseous of the place. It’s like a wrathful creature that constantly absorbs your moolah from you. And you walk right into its mouth. Willingly.

Other than that, nothing much has changed. I can’t think of much to write about at the moment but in a nutshell, this is a wholly new chapter in my life and I have never experienced anything of the sort before. Not even England was remotely anything like this. In a way, it’s good to step out of my comfort zone even if I don’t want to, most of the time. Life is a constant battle between being comfortable and trying new things, and I’m currently right in the middle of it.

PS. I have also created a new category to file all my posts concerning my new life under, because it indeed, is a bigger life for me.

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6 thoughts on “A New Chapter”

  1. Hahaha living alone in KL. Been there done that. I’m used to staying alone already and even after one year, I still have to worry about what to eat. I thank instant food so much for the first few months of college. Instant pasta, instant soup with bread, instant noodles! Saved so much money but now I can’t be bothered eating a proper meal everyday. It’s just plain crackers, yogurt and fruits for dinner these days 😛

    Let’s have lunch/dinner together some day 😛

    1. yaaaa I’m so tired of deciding what “””proper”””” meal I should eat for the day and usually end up with like crackers and that’s it. unless I’m ravenous then I go the lengths to walk back go the college cafeteria or something lol.


      1. hey sorry for the late reply… his name is Hanif. he says he is so lonely because there are not many Malay, he is quite shy hihi.

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