letters to poets (part iv)

Taken by the talented Bellyn, whose blog (elephant-city.blogspot.com) you should definitely give a visit because it’s frickin awesome

A week has passed by, a week filled with many events of the exciting sort.

Last Wednesday, housemates and I attended the movie night screening of Wreck-It Ralph at Lecture Theatre 6, an event organised by ALSTAR Group 4. Honestly, I only attended it because it was Wreck-It Ralph, aka the best movie in my books so far. It was already about 8 something by the time we went home so we decided to take the free shuttle bus service back to the apartment and by shuttle bus, I mean a dodgy van driven by an unknown person. Thankfully, the driver was outnumbered about a dozen to one so that was fine.

The next day, in the afternoon, I attended a blind speed dating event organised by Bellyn’s group. Yes, that’s right, ladies and gents. A blind speed dating event. Don’t get me wrong though, I didn’t sign up for this expecting anything. It was more of a “what a brilliant story to tell my children and grandchildren when I’m older and reminiscing my youthful college years” initiative than anything else. It was definitely the strangest and weirdest thing I’ve ever done, but I survived, made it out of the hall in one piece. My comfort zone was a little bit breached but it was fun, if fun meant leaning towards an unknown stranger talking about your personal interests while both parties are being blindfolded. There was a rave party after that but I decided I had no more energy left to rave so we went back.

Friday was a public holiday and since all our other housemates were either away or busy (Rumin and Pei Ying flew home to Alor Setar, jealous; Megan, Qiu Jing and Zi Tian all went out with their families) Yi Jing and I, and also Ching Ju and Ah Low and a bunch of other ex-Keat Hwa students from Taylor’s, Inti etc went on a field trip to KLCC, Pavilion and H&M at Lot 10. Again, such adventures! Of roaming the streets of KL by foot and also public transport. I ended up buying a skirt I really, really like at a discounted price from H&M and that was it. It was already about 10 PM when we reached the apartment and needless to say, we were exhausted, but it was a well-spent day indeed.

Saturday and Sunday were days spent at college because of the ALSTAR Leadership Camp. On Saturday, by lunchtime, I was starting to feel a little ill, with inflamed tonsils and a running nose. I frantically downed about a dozen litres of water within that time span alone but by the end of the programme, I was already feeling dizzy and just very hot (there’s no other way to put this without making me sound like I’m trying to describe myself as a magazine cover model). So, Qiu Jing, Zi Tian and Megan (Yi Jing didn’t join ALSTAR) accompanied me to a clinic opposite Sunway Pyramid where I got charged a whopping 70 bucks for the meds. Biggest sigh of sighs.

Instead of spending my Sunday at college for the second day of camp, I spent my Sunway mostly sleeping in a delirious stupor, squeezing in several minutes of gulping down a few pieces of bread prior to swallowing huge-ass pills that I was prescribed. When I got tired of lying around, I decided to go down to do laundry only to find that the laundrette had already closed 40 minutes before I’d went down. So that was a day of things going well for me. And the lesson that I learned from this is to never fall sick when you’re at college because 1) expensive medical bills that you have to fork out yourself, 2) nothing to do while you lie around at home (because of no TV and wifi), 3) no one to fuss over you and remind you to eat and bring you your meds when the time was right, 4) no parent to consult whether one could eat this or that or do this or that. Everything had to be done by my own, and that sucks, but like what I’d tweeted last night, I am growing up and learning and I’m a powerful and independent woman, yo

So that was my week.

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